Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Minty Ice Cream Sandwiches

I'm pretty sure this would fall under the category of "gilding the lily".... (as they say)

Or...in this case...

... gilding the sugar cookie.

Yesterday, I shared a recipe for these very scrumptious childhood favorites.
To read the post or to get the recipe click here: Sugar Cookie Post

In the spirit of March...
(Because usually it's much warmer by now and the grass is starting to green-up)

...while doing everything possible to usher in the feeling of springy-ness...
...to my otherwise wintry white surroundings... 

I made  homemade minty ice cream sandwiches...

 The perfectly green dessert thingy...for March.

... and really,...

Don't ice cream sandwiches seem so summery??    

We will just have to pretend about the warm summer afternoon part...
but we can still certainly enjoy the simple perfection of a homemade ice cream sandwich...
even on the third day of March...

The kiddos gobbled them down... which, how could they not??....

Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two of the best sugar cookies ever??  

Making homemade ice cream sandwiches was really easy,
...and it's a great make-ahead dessert treat too.

Using your favorite ice cream... any flavor.
(Because it's March...I'm using all things green)
Add one generous scoop to a sugar cookie.
Place the other cookie on top and gently press down, 
spreading the ice cream to the edges.
To further gild the lily...(or the ice cream sandwich)  
...roll the ice cream sandwich in sprinkles.

Simply wrap each ice cream sandwich in plastic wrap (I personally love press and seal)

And just pop them back into the freezer.  
Ice cream sandwiches never tasted so good... on March the 3rd!

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