Monday, January 9, 2017

The BEST Appetizer of New Year's Eve and a Special Milestone!!


I was born in the 70's...

Our family always drove
"new-to-us" cars...
 not brand new cars from
 the showroom floor.  

It was a different time...
a time when families bought 
what they could afford...
no more and no less.

Credit cards were not
an everyday item...
In the 1970's
We paid cash for everything...
It's just how we did things.
 Car payments were
not an extra bill a lot
of families wanted to take on ...

If something on the car broke, 
you fixed it yourself, if you could...
and if not, the local mechanic was always a good bet.

I know our family was
 the proud owner of
at least five or so different
 cars that I can remember...

My dad always picked out 
good looking cars...
Some of our cars were
 certainly better than others... 

Many we remember for their quirks...
the weird seats, or after-market horns...
the fancy wheels or the tiny-triangle
 backseat windows.
the quirks gave us funnier stories
 and fonder memories.

My dad would cheerfully announce
 from the driver's seat:

We would all peer
 into the dashboard and 
watch the odometer slowly 
flip to a brand new number.
49,999...and then...wait for it...

"50,000 miles --and she runs like new!!"  
Wise words... 
from my real-life 1970's dad!!

Today, I am happy to announce from my
desk chair at my computer:



Saturday, January 7, 2017

Biscuits and Loaded Potato Leek Soup for a COLD day

I was almost useless
 the entire shiny, 
brand new week of 2017...
I just knew I was coming down
 with something late on New Year's Eve... 
(a whole week ago)  

I felt great all through the holidays...
 and having a healthy family
throughout the merriest time of the year
 is a true blessing... 
A 100% sneeze-free home and 
no doctor's visits...that's truly the stuff
 of fairy tales...any parent can tell you that.

For me...that dreaded 'I'm catching a little something
feeling was spot on...
and it wasn't the
  Santa ClausMopolitans 
I celebrated with
all evening long...  I'm certain.

As late as Wednesday,  
I quietly asked my husband:
"Do you think I should reschedule
 the live recipe segments??"

After a long pause he said:
"It's only Wednesday... 
I think you'll be better by Friday morning..."

I really did not want to cancel on FOX... 
Should I stay or go?? Hmmm...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa Claus is Coming!! Santa Hat Chair Covers

It's getting to be that time...

Santa will soon be here...

There has been such a positive
 response from all of our sweet HomeTalk friends!!

If you are a regular visitor to the Blue Ribbon Kitchen blog or 
a new friend from Hometalk or another media outlet...Welcome!!

I hope you find something here that inspires you...
or maybe a great first-place, blue ribbon recipe...

 However you arrived here...
I'm happy you found your way to Blue Ribbon Kitchen!!  
Please feel free to look around and visit.

If it turns out you enjoy the blog, 
feel free to sign up for an email subscription, over
on the right hand side of the page.  
You'll receive each new post...delivered right to your mailbox.
(I try to post twice a month ...sometimes more and sometimes less)

I thought I would share our 
Santa themed dining room with everyone.

If you still need a few last minute
splashes of holiday color...
(It's never too late to add a little holiday magic!)

THIS is the post for you!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Dashing Through A Winter Wonderland: Yule Log Recipe

Good Afternoon and hello to you!!

Thank you so very much reading
 the blog and visiting my posts... 
If I haven't told you how much I 
appreciate you and your readership...
I do.

I am so grateful and beyond thrilled
 that you are loving
the recipes and finding
 little bits of inspiration
 for your own home
here on the
Blue Ribbon Kitchen blog.

I'm touched and overjoyed
you are here... truly.

(It used to be only my mom reading all these posts...thanks mom)
(My sweet husband was quizzed regularly to see if he was actually reading
--not skimming, every word I lovingly typed —sorry honey)


This week...

Dashing through a winter wonderland...
It snowed... which was wonderful...
It was bitterly cold, which was not so wonderful...
and I'm finding, the faster I go...the further behind I seem to be.

After a busy few days with the very exciting, 
and very live, Hometalk Home Tour on Facebook,
with a whopping
 122k visitors...
Yes, that's right...
(I did a double take too...)
One hundred twenty-two thousand views...and counting.

How does someone make sure to have 
enough appetizers for a crowd like that?!
Luckily it was online... so we had enough of everything!!

The Hometalk Video is in this post!!
 If you want to watch... it's all here!

As far as the rest of the week...
I had hoped things would start to slow down...

Well, they have not...