Thursday, October 2, 2014


I LOVE old postcards...and I  l-o-v-e  decorating with them too.

The artwork is truly amazing...

the colors are vibrant, the images are timeless.  

One of the things I love most about old postcards is the connection to the past.  

I love deciphering the carefully inked well wishes, 
sent from one person to another. 

I marvel at the postmarks and the postage stamps... 

I wonder how ever did these cards arrive to their correct destination?? 
-- with only a first name and a town listed as the mailing address??  
To me, each one is a miniature work-of-art, 
and quite frankly it astounds me that well over 100 years later, 
these postcards remain in excellent condition!
I love using a little bit of that history in my holiday decor, 
it marries the past to the present and reminds us of the connection that we have to the generations before us... 

They celebrated the holidays and seasons...just as we do... it's tradition, and I like that.
I was a little concerned about the project I had in mind... 
My dad picked up a set of adorable and very hard to find 
Halloween postcards for me at a local auction.  

I knew almost immediately what I wanted to do with them, but I was unsure if it was legal... really...

I wanted to color copy the postcards, (for personal use only)...
After a little research on the topic, I was happy to discover that I was still a law-abiding citizen and my crafting could commence!  

Here is an article on copyright information if you 
have similar concerns regarding the use of old postcards and photos: 

Have no fear... The Halloween Postcard Wreath project was a success.

This is what I did to make the Halloween Postcard Wreath:

Using vintage postcards, I color copied them.  
This way I can preserve the integrity of the originals... 
while still using "postcards" in my design.  It was very inexpensive to copy them. 
 I used off-white card stock and 10 copies cost around $4.

I carefully cut of the copied images.

Using scrap booking miniature clothespins in Halloween colors,
I attached the cards to the wreath.
A little holiday ribbon and the Halloween Postcard Wreath
 is a one-of-a-kind Halloween decoration.


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