Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Tis' the season for all things Halloween.  The moment the calendar flips to October-- it's game on. My kids begin reminding me to pull out the outdoor decorations.  There is something very magical about the bag of spiderwebs we stretch across our front lawn...Their favorite part of decorating is carefully placing large furry spiders around our landscaping...I think their enthusiasm is refreshing....(they must get some of that holiday enthusiasm from their mother)
Inside the house... Well, that's antoher story.  I am sure my enthusiasm for Halloween, (and every other holiday and season for that matter) shines through in the indoor decor...

A prime example is the hutch in our kitchen.
This hutch has got to be one of my very favorite thrift shop finds from a few years ago.  Isn't it just amazing the things you can find ... ??
I have painted the hutch black, grey and currently it is a creamy white color...I have contemplated painting it other colors too... So, it may not have it's final color on right now... So many things to appreciate about this hutch....I love that the hutch offers tons of storage for my many cake plates and entertaining pieces. A drawer... adding even more storage...and the wide and very open shelves which are also adjustable...
I treat the hutch much like a front window of a department store or a fireplace mantle.  As the seasons and holidays change...so too, does the hutch... It's a great place to have seasonal platters, cake stands, and decorations at the ready for when I need them.   Plus, it's a great way to add a little charm and color to the kitchen.

So without further adieu...the Halloween hutch:

Miniature pumpkins nesting in small covered butter dishes...A creative way to put a little emphasis on petite items.
 The Halloween polka-dot, burlap banner is from the Target $1 spot.  Target has had some amazing $1 items for Halloween this year!  Later this week I will show you some more of the fantastic finds I picked up in the $1 spot!
Collected black art glass is front and center for the Halloween season.  I pick up pieces at tag sales and flea markets in the summer months.  I store all of my Halloween decorations in orange and black plastic totes.  By having Halloween decor in color coded totes, I can easily find what I'm looking for.

Again-- These cute, cork-topped potion bottles came from the Target $1 spot!  I filled them with seasonal candies that add to the Halloween color scheme.
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