Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DRIED HYDRANGEAS | wreath & centerpiece

I was gifted with an abundance of hydrangea blooms this year.  We have the Annabelle type of hydrangea growing all over the backyard.  The Annabelle's bloomed their little hearts out this spring and summer.
I felt obligated to use up some of the gorgeous, and already mostly dried blooms.  I snipped so many, I wasn't sure I could use them all... in a responsible way...
Really-- there is a limit... to a reasonable amount of dried hydrangeas one should probably use and/or display....and I was getting dangerously close to exceeding that limit!
 Using a straw wreath form, I poked the hydrangeas into the form.
 I used my trusty glue gun to secure them...
I added a sage bow...a sweet addition to the wreath, without being to fussy.  
TIP: Working within the same color palette can add visual interest. Choosing a very different colored ribbon as an accent can sometimes become distracting.
Guess what?  I still had gobs of leftover hydrangeas... So, I decided to make a quick centerpiece for the  kitchen center island.  I used faux pumpkins and gourds...  I have a hard time keeping the real miniature pumpkins and gourds from getting spots when they are displayed inside the warm house... The faux pumpkins look very realistic, they are a reusable, one-time investment and they don't spoil; three great reasons to give them a try.
I'm finally out of dried hydrangea blooms!!

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