Monday, October 6, 2014

ANTIQUED ROCKER | A spray paint Makeover!!

Sometimes when I spy a special furniture piece in a thrift store.... my heart skips a beat.  Do you ever feel that way when you happen upon just the right 'something' at just the right time??  Usually, I can imagine how amazing a makeover might be with a little creative elbow grease... 
 I love those moments...   
Well, this little rocker, provided one of those 'heart-skipping' moments... I knew right away what she could be and how to transform her into a uniquely antiqued, one-of-a-kind piece.
Can you believe all I used was black, satin-finish Rust-oleum spray paint!? Yes, spray paint!  It was so easy to transform this rocker!
 I used a little 100 and 200 grit sandpaper to rub the areas of the chair that would likely get the most use over time, creating an aged patina.  It helped that the chair was already stained a cherry-brown color, which shows through nicely in the areas where I antiqued it. 
TIP: When working with spray paint, follow all instructions on the can.  Use eye and breathing protection as required.  Be sure to use light paining strokes 8-10 inches away from the surface you are painting.  It is far better to give the surface 2-3 coats of paint, than to have one thick, sticky and drippy coat of paint. The final product will be beautiful... by using a light hand when applying coats of paint and allowing time to dry in between applications.
TIP:  I found a great trick...using a few drops of water, helped to remove just the right amount of paint without making the surface too scratched up.  I even found that lightly dipping my sandpaper into the water worked too...  After I started using the water, it was incredibly easy to get the look I was after.
I cannot sing the praises of thrift stores and second hand furniture shops enough.  Not every single day, will you find great makeover candidates... but on occasion, rare and wonderful items are there.  I suggest keeping a Pinterest page or a notebook of furniture pieces you would like to add to your home... many times those pieces may become available (albeit not in the right color) but with a little effort, you can have what you are searching for...  Those shops, tag sales, and auctions really are the best places to find treasures.  Sometimes you just need a little imagination and maybe a can or two of spray paint and you will have created a one-of-a-kind find, all for your very own.

I love the look of this nursing has just the right amount of chippy paint.  

Is painting furniture right for you??

I know there tends to be two very distinct camps when it comes to the topic of painted furniture.  Those who love painted furniture {which can include: cabinets, center islands, wood work, trim, built ins and even decking and  gasp...floors}  Then, there is the opposing camp, those that love the beauty and luster of wood, wood grain and stained finishes, this group could not dream of painting a wood surface; not ever.  

Well, here is the great news on this hot button issue: no one is correct!... Everyone is entitled to paint or not paint their furniture. It really boils down to preference...  and style differences... 

I totally get that... we all have different tastes and that is perfectly fine.  Our homes should all look different!
I tend to like a little of each in my home...mixing natural wood and painted finishes creates interest and character... but like all things in life, it has to suit you and who you are.
"Variety is the spice of life" they always say!

I have found that sometimes, a coat of paint (even ...gasp...spray paint) can breathe new life into an old outdated piece.   

The furniture I paint isn't headed to the Smithsonian anytime soon...I would  always think twice before painting a high quality heirloom piece of furniture --  Luckily, (or unlucky as the case may be) I don't have too many of those high end pieces of natural wood furniture to worry about... For me, I don't mind a painted piece of furniture now and then, I love white painted mill work... but I understand that it isn't every ones cup-of -tea... and I'm OK with that too.  Creating a space you love and making your home yours is all about surrounding yourself with things you love; which for me, includes transforming the occasional bit of furniture with paint.  

So, go out there! Find some great makeover candidates and paint...or don't paint!!?... 
But whatever you do, have fun making your house a home.

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