Tuesday, October 21, 2014

EASY Halloween Light Post Scarecrow

Taking a cue from our recent trip to The Henry Ford Greenfield Village, I decided to make a  spooktacular Halloween decoration for our very own.  Here was my inspiration:

Truthfully, at the Greenfield Village, it's easy to become inspired.  They do everything so well.
I thought our light post would be a great starting point for a similar decoration.  Using a thrift store witch dress, I slipped the dress over the post.  I attached two long sticks from the yard with floral wire to serve as arms. Finally, we replaced our normal light bulb with an led light, so heat would not become an issue.
My husband carved this a face into a foam pumpkin, ours was called a "Funkin" and we picked it up at Michael's Arts & Crafts.  At fist he tried using a heated foam cutter, but eventually he resorted to using an X-Acto knife.  I think he may have been keeping some of his crafting talents on the down-low... he did an amazing job... and it was all free-hand!
We rested the pumpkin head atop the light fixture and tied on a scarf of raffia to finish the look.
I think it looks great in the day...but at night... it's very spooky! An eerie yellow glow shines all around and the bright light from the post illuminates the pumpkin's eyes... I love it!


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