Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cheers!! Bourbon & Cinnamon~Apple Cider Cocktails

As promised, a delicious apple cider cocktail that is perfect for any autumn party or just for fun on a Sunday afternoon!  We enjoyed these "grown-up" apple cider cocktails at our 
Sunday afternoon get-together.  Click here for the story: A Fall Gathering
Here are the cast of characters:
Apple Cider
Bourbon, we use Maker's Mark
Apple Schnapps
Ginger Ale, we used Vernor's
Cinnamon Sticks
optional for fancy drinks:
Cinnamon/Sugar  and one orange for rimming glasses
 Honey Crisp apples for garnish
For a crowd, if you plan to use a punch bowl, beverage jar with ladle or a beverage dispenser like I did... below is the recipe for a large portion:
1/2 gallon of apple cider (8 cups)
2 cups bourbon
2 cups apple schnapps
2 cinnamon sticks
Add together and let chill for 2 hours to overnight.
Just before guests arrive, add 1 two-liter of Ginger Ale (8 cups)
Add apple slices and garnishes
Rim glasses with cinnamon/sugar 
Add ice to a glass and pour.  

1 part apple cider (3 oz)
1 part ginger ale (3 oz)
1 shot bourbon
1 shot apple schnapps
If you care for a stronger cocktail, add additional bourbon to taste.
Pour over ice, garnish and enjoy.

For garnish, slice apples across the middle to get beautiful full circles.
 To remove seeds, use a small decorative cookie cutter.
 Press and remove seeds, discard star shape, to reveal apple round with a star cut-out.
 For additional garnishes, use the fleshy good part of the apple and make additional star shapes.
 Feeling adventurous??  Try using other shapes, like acorns, pumpkins or other seasonal cut-outs.  Too cute!!
If using apples for garnish, remember to soak them in lemon water so they don't turn brown.  

Get ready to rim the glasses!!

Use a cut orange or lemon.  Lightly rub the mouth of the glass or rim with the citrus juice.

Gently press glass into a cinnamon-sugar mixture and then stand the glass upright.

If you have an empty cinnamon container, add sugar to it and add a teaspoon of your favorite cinnamon, shake...
and with a sharpie marker- note the new contents of the spice tin. 
It's not fancy--but it works!  
This way you'll always have homemade cinnamon-sugar at the ready. 
 Just refill the tin as needed.

Add ice.
 Pour the Bourbon-Cinnamon Apple Cider cocktail over ice and garnish with apple slices!
 How cute are those little star-shaped apples!?
 Easy and delicious!!  

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