Friday, October 24, 2014

Blue Ribbon Baking Class | Best of Show Desserts 101

Are you ready to bake your best Thanksgiving desserts ever??  

It's time to get your apron on and meet me at:

 The Blue Ribbon Baking Class this November 11, 2014!!

 I have made more than my fair share of baking the time I forgot to put sugar in all of my competition chocolate cakes...the judge spit her bite out!!  Really.
or...How about the time I was checking the bottom of a piping hot pecan pie for doneness and I flipped the whole molten pie onto the kitchen floor??  (Gasp)

Over-filled a pie?

Water from a bain-marie seep into a cheesecake?

Start a small kitchen fire with a lemon meringue pie?

Kill yeast with too warm of water?

 Have to start completely over because you could not remember if you added baking powder?? Check.

It happens... mistakes happen.

So, why am I telling you about these baking
"horror" stories??
What would be the point of coming to Blue Ribbon Baking Class??

An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes, which can be made, in a very narrow field. 
-Niels Bohr

I can honestly say, while not an expert, more like an baking enthusiast...I have made some of the worst baking mistakes along the way and I have corrected them all and learned from them all...and this is where the benefit of making all those mistakes comes in:

 When it comes to baking, knowing what to do, is every bit as important as
 knowing what not to do.
-Karri Perry

I will be spilling all those hard earned secrets about this year's TWO,
BEST of SHOW winning desserts!!  Pumpkin Cake & Apple Pie
If you live the the greater Cincinnati area, and would like to attend I will be teaching at the The Ohio State University extension of Butler county.
Details are available below:
I will be teaching the two-time Best of Show winning: 
Pumpkin Cake 
which is an outstanding, make-ahead dessert and a great alternative to pumpkin pie...
 I will be sharing exactly how I made those adorable, gold-gilded, edible pumpkins too!
And as if that were not enough... I will be sharing the
Best of Show and 3-time contest winning, first place:
Apple Pie
The class will cover a very special holiday version: Cranberry Apple Pie...
 I will be covering the finer points of pie dough and all the dos and don't to making award winning desserts for your holiday table.
I will show how to make a gorgeous leaf-topped's not as hard as you might think...and I promise to give all the details!

Additionally, a fellow baker and competitor of mine, Art Chatfield, who specializes in yeast baked goods will be demonstrating 60 minute rolls... a perfect addition to any special meal!

The cost for the class is $20. Reservations are required.
It is a demonstration and tasting class, a recipe booklet will be provided. All proceeds from this class go to the Ohio State University extension -- and not to me.

Happy Baking!!



  1. Karri - I wish I could be there for your class. Please let me know as soon as you have a webinar !!

  2. Michelle, You are so sweet! I have loads of projects in the works and a webinar is top on my list. Thanks for all the support and the great idea!! ((Hugs))