Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Filling the plastic Easter eggs... It can be such a tedious task.

I wrestle with what
is the "right" amount of candy
...deciding if it's too risky to
put chocolates inside the eggs...

Have you ever seen what the
warm springtime sunshine can do 
to a chocolate filled plastic Easter egg??

 I think about safeguarding those
spiffy, new Easter outfits...
and then back to the
 the sun-warmed chocolates...

I also never want to fill the eggs with unwanted trinkets 
and things that the kids really don't want or need.

I usually end up with a mix of small
do-dads, a little candy, 
and a few dollars in change... 

BUT not this year...

I did something completely unexpected!

This year, I had a marvelous,
 fantastically fun idea that
 turned into a smashing success... truly.

 I filled most of the little plastic eggs with an
assortment of fairy garden pieces!!  

FAIRY GARDENS...the perfect Easter egg filler!

...what a great way to fill the eggs.  

No excess sugary candies,
No more of those silly unwanted little toys
that I will be tossing out before too long...
Maybe best of all,...no melting chocolates...

Everybody WINS!!

It was so great, an activity and a craft all rolled into one!!  

The fairy garden is so perfect for spring...
the kiddos can add to it through the summer months.
I don't know about you, but my children
are always in the market 
for fairy garden paraphernalia. 

"PLEEEASE, Can we get a fairy,
a frog, a gnome, a glass bead... 
a whatever little bobble that would be soooo cute,
Please Please??" 

My kids are absolutely enthralled

with the idea of these gardens. 

When we visit the local nursery,
like any good marketing expert...
the store has set up the most amazing fairy garden displays...
my kids are the perfect targets of the fairy garden marketer.

...and after all the fairy gardens are pretty darn cute,
it's no wonder they want one so desperately!
 It seems that fairy gardens are really IN right now,
so there is no shortage of tiny fairy accessories at almost every store.
 I found quite a deluxe selection at Michael's Crafts,
Hobby Lobby and our local nursery.
I picked up small terracotta pots as
 the home for each fairy garden.
Another great choice would be thrift-store baskets,
lined with plastic and filled with a little soil and moss.
A marigold for each garden.
Filled the pots with a little soil.
The Easter eggs contained all the  necessary
makings of a fabulous fairy garden:
 glass beads,
stepping stones
garden tools
miniature watering cans
little ceramic woodland animals
 tiny mushrooms
an itty-bitty flower pot
and of course a fairy...
and a gnome for my son....
The kids had THE BEST time setting up their little gardens...
and I had THE BEST time
watching them have a magical Easter.

Not one kiddo asked about the candy... or the melted chocolates.  

Thanks for stopping by to read...
I'm thrilled that you do.


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  1. I love this idea! Where did you get the miniature garden items?

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you... We did this last Easter, and I purchased a lot of items from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and JoAnnes. All three of those stores carry a nice selection of fairy garden accessories. I would also recommend checking Pinterest for diy fairy garden items. I made "crystal balls" from golf tees and marbles...lots of really great ideas out there that are so cute and super inexpensive!

  2. Did I see that you have your kids eggs divided by color? Such a good idea. I have 3 toddlers so I haven't tried an egg hunt yet, but I do have assigned colors for my kids. I love this idea where the hunt is one activity and the garden making is another. I'm thinking that this would be a good "dig in the dirt" project for my almost 4 year old. Last year, we did a worm box (http://inourpond.blogspot.com/2014/05/worm-box.html). Which reminds me, I should have the kids open the box up one of these day and see if the worms survived the winter.

    1. Yes, we do have the kids stick to one color for the egg hunt.... that way every kiddo is sure to get the same treats and fairy accessories. It's a little more work...but it helps make for a smooth running egg hunt. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!!