Monday, February 29, 2016

Bunny Ears

Remember when you were a kid...??

Did you ever give someone "bunny ears"??

It sounds so scandalous... 

But it was just silliness.

Truly, plain and simple nonsense... 
In the town where I grew up...

Our version went like this:

In our elementary school...

when you gave someone
"bunny ears"  
you held two fingers
behind the other kiddo's head and counted... 

(silently if possible to avoid detection)

Usually the giggling of the bunny ear holder 
OR the snickering 
of nearby kids watching
 ended the game quickly...

Whatever number the bunny ear-giver counted to, 
was the number of
 boyfriends or girlfriends 
you were going to have... (Gasp...)

Such silliness... 
but so too were "The Cooties"...
 and "Stepping on Cracks"...and "Truth or Dare"
and all the other foolishness that 
filled in the space between spelling lessons
and recess during so many schooldays... (mine anyway)

So...As a former giver of "bunny ears"...
(so proud...what a talent, all these years later...)
and not as a sign of a misspent youth...
I'm at it again....

    But in a much more grown-up...
and classy, Easter-ish sort of way.

For this fun and super easy project I used:
Burlap wired ribbon,
 large white pom-poms,
adhesive Velcro
and a hot glue gun.
All of my supplies for this project 
were purchased from Hobby Lobby.
Measure the chair you wish to give a set of bunny ears to...
No boyfriend or girlfriend counting will be necessary
for this project.
Cut a piece of ribbon, long enough to 
create a sort of belt.   
Fold the ends under.

Carefully dot the folded ends with glue, creating a nice clean edge.

Adhere the Velcro pieces to each end, 
so the chair wrap/belt can stay together.

Attach the fluffy pom pom to the burlap ribbon
on the very edge of the ribbon
close to where the two pieces of Velcro will meet.
The large pom-pom will cover the spot where the two ends meet.

Making the ears:
Using about a 10 inch strip of burlap ribbon, 
fold in half to create a bunny ear.
Gather the end and glue. 
 Using wooden clothesline pin or clip is a safe 
way to hold the ribbon while working with the hot glue.
Repeat to make a second ear.
Attach the bunny ears just to the right and left of the pom-pom.

So much fun...and just in time for you to 
welcome your springtime guests with "bunny ears"
...the grown-up, classy mature kind... 

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As always, thanks for stopping by.


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  1. These bunny ears won't give you cooties. Love them! Janice

    1. :) Thanks Janice! Happy to read you like this project!