Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I'm in the mood for daffodils, green grass, chirping birds...
and S-P-R-I-N-G!
 This wintry weather, while oh so beautiful and very, very cold... has kept our family cooped up more than usual this time of year.  The up-side to being inside so much, is being able to work on projects.  In this case, I made chair slip covers for Easter.  I think they are so adorable and will add a nice touch to the kids table at Easter.

I LOVED some of the chair covers I saw recently while shopping...however, I didn't want to pay a small fortune for such small part of my Easter table... so I decided I would make some.
(my own design).
I like that they are understated but still a little bit dressed up...not too cartoon-y either... that's the look I was going for anyway...

Getting Started...

Measure your chairs...mine are about 15 inches across so I used 16 inches of fabric for the body of the slip covers. 
I  created a bunny template so if you would like to make your own seat covers using a bunny like mine, you'll be all set.   If another shape suits you better, try looking for silhouette images of your desired shape online.
Click here for a printable bunny template.
I traced the bunny onto my white fabric, cut it out and sewed it to my chair cover.
I used a zigzag stitch to attach the bunny set at "0" stitch length, and "2" stitch width...this created the illusion of an applique... I don't have a fancy sewing machine...so this is how I went about accomplishing the look I was going after.  If you have a fancy sewing machine or know another way to get the job done, by all means... please use the method that works best for you.
I pressed and hemmed each chair cover.
I added a boxy ruffle to the bottom.
Finally I added a cotton tail to each bunny...made from fluffy white yarn I picked up at the fabric store.
The chair covers can be flipped so the bunny faces the table or faces outward...if you wanted you could do bunnies on both sides... the options are endless... (I love endless options)
Truthfully, I'm such a holiday enthusiast...I could make these chair covers for so many other holidays and occasions...and I just might!