Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I am planning for Easter!!...I know that it's a little on the early side with a whole month and a half to go...  I like to plan...I am a planner by nature and surely holiday preparedness is stamped on my DNA.
I love using the bright colors for the table, especially for Easter.
I was looking back at some photos of Easter's gone by... I find it very helpful to look back at what "worked" and what could be improved upon.  It's amazing how each season is so different from the next, especially since Easter is a floating holiday...some years it looked quite chilly during our egg hunts.  I'm a big fan of a late Easters, usually it's much warmer and dryer by mid April...Lucky us, we get a late Easter this year!!
In our family, we have a traditional brunch or early afternoon luncheon.  From the looks of things our dessert table rivals our buffet full of actual good for you, nutritious food.  There is always so much to choose from, probably too much, but it is Easter after all.  A family favorite is lemon meringue pie.
For a baking class that I teach, I conducted an extremely official and very important lemon meringue pie taste testing.  I made four, (yes, four) lemon meringue pies (individually each of the pies were very good on their own merit)... the family, extended family and our neighbors all weighed in on which pie had the best pucker, meringue and overall flavor. From those test pies, I created a new and improved recipe, combining the very best parts of each pie.  This recipe is the result of our very hard work as lemon meringue pie taste testers.

For a printable recipe, click here for LEMON MERINGUE PIE
For a tutorial on how to make this pie,
Next week I will post a lemon meringue pie tutorial with play-by-play photos.  It is really an easy pie to make (I promise) and  it's absolutely PERFECT for springtime!

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