Saturday, March 15, 2014


This makes me so happy...the promise of warmer days ahead...
These beauties are from today in our front yard.  There were plenty of bees buzzing about; they too, are a very welcome sight!

Another something that makes me very happy...planning my Easter menu!!  I like to know ahead of time what is on the menu. That way, I can begin picking up items a little at a time leading up to the big day.  It makes me a much more relaxed hostess and keeps the budget under control.
I like to do menu cards for the table.  It's a nice way to share the days' fare with guests. 
Smaller versions of the menu are great to place by new or unfamiliar foods on the buffet...  Sometimes a heads up that a spread is "bleu cheese"  or "crab stuffed...whatever" is a wonderful help to your guests who may choose a different option. 
Smaller bunnies can used as place cards too, just add the name.
Making the menus ahead of the holiday always helps me get focused.  When I have too many great foods to fit neatly on my menu card, it's a pretty good signal I should scale back...I can get a little over zealous in the food department...not to mention the dessert table.
These rabbit silhouettes I used are from the fabulous Matthew Mead in 2012.  A printable template is or (once was) available on the site.  Here is the link to Matthew Mead...please visit his site for just unbelievable creativity...a truly gifted individual and team. 
The Bunny Template
Below, I have the bunny template I used from 2012...this will get the job done if you plan to use this bunny silhouette.  This is 100% not my artwork or my design, it's all Matthew Mead--giving credit where it's due.  The free printable template was available for a very long time on the Pinterest link and the website.  If you can find the template on the website and know how to access it, please let me know and I will update this post. 
Until then... Happy menu planning!

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