Wednesday, March 12, 2014


kids table (n):  A place where children briefly gather separate from the adults of the family for the purposes of eating holiday meals. Participants usually sit next to out-of-town cousins, share funny elementary school jokes, laughter is guaranteed.  The children use their very best manners reserved for special guests, dignitaries, principals and grandparents. This all takes place while trying to eat just enough "green stuff" to be excused, in hopes of returning to holiday festivities.
Love 'em or hate 'em, we usually have a kids table for our big family holiday gatherings.  Our dining room just isn't spacious enough to accommodate everyone...I wish it was ...and a girl can dream about future renovations...but until that day...A kids table is in the mix.
Our kids are little for such a short amount of time... As long as we are having a celebration, the celebration extends to the kids table as well.  I try to make it as whimsical and magical as possible.
A big fan of bunny ears... or whatever over-the top head gear I can find that they still lovingly wear without embarrassment... so cute!

Some of my favorite favors for the Easter pails are: mini hand sanitizers, sunglasses, chirping chicks, wind up hopping bunnies, jelly beans, new crayons, little bug boxes with magnifying glasses, butterfly nets, lip gloss, Lego mystery mini figures.

I love those little metal pails.  I can find them at Target or the local dollar stores's a great way to add a few favors in a clever take home container.
I try to make mini-sized, kid friendly options for part of the meal... no one wants to eat too much of the "green stuff" especially on a holiday.

The Jell-O desserts were so easy...Choose rainbow Jell-O colors of your choice, I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  Make Jell-O according to package instructions one color at a time.  Spoon in the first color (I found that I only needed a few spoons of each color in these small dessert glasses)  Let chill.  When first layer is set up, repeat process with the next color.  Finish with mini marshmallows.  It was a HUGE hit...the kids were beyond excited...and it was easy.  * This would make a great St. Patrick's Day dessert too!!
 Even the "big kids" like to eat their dessert on a bunny cupcake plate!

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  1. This table is so adorable, Karri! It will be featured on The Scoop that goes live this coming Monday. Thank you for linking up!

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