Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Making the "everyday" a little extra special, that's what we did on a recent lunch date.  I love going out to lunch with my kiddos.  They are great conversationalists.  I learn so much from our lunchtime outings.  Stories about playground games and classroom antics that somehow get lost during the weekly hustle and bustle of homework and practice schedules, finally bubble their way to the surface...  The simple act of going to lunch, no electronic devices, no video games, what fun.  Just us, great food and of course, their charming outlook on life.
We chose Dewey's, a local pizza place that makes the pizza in a large glass-front window, so kids of all ages can enjoy the artistry of pizza making.  The food is great, the pizza making is part entertainment, part education.
Dewey's offers red cream soda... a family favorite that also happens to be
the perfect
pairing with a fresh mozzarella pizza.
Afterward, we decided to pay a visit to Bluebird Bakery for dessert, a little bakery that we had never been to, but had heard wonderful things about... It's been on my to-do list for quite awhile now and today seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. 
Being a tourist in your own hometown is wonderful.  If you haven't tried being "a visitor" in your own town, I highly recommend it.  It's a great way to uncover new favorite places, and it gives you a fresh perspective of things you may be overlooking.  The bakery is a throw back to days gone by,  with well worn wooden floors, and gleaming bakery cases filled with decadent desserts, cookies, brownies and macaroons.  Little antiques sit on the shelves and in the window sills...I was right at home.  The bakery turned out to be just as darling as it was described to be. 
Deciding what to choose can take a few minutes...there were bad choices...
We even brought home a brownie for Dad!
While we enjoyed our sweet treat, we got to see a train go by and we saw a black squirrel...I think the kids were most excited to see the black squirrel...that may have been the highlight of their entire outing.  Spending a few hours enjoying my children's company was the highlight of my day... we'll have to make a point to doing it more often.

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