Monday, December 18, 2017

Day 6: Cheers!! Holiday Drinks

At this point in the holiday season...
you might be hosting a party...
Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day...

Anything I can do to lighten
 my hostessing duties...

I'm all for it!!

One great way to lighten the
 load... is making a signature drink!

Making a big batch of a 
really great drink,
it's the perfect time-saver for you,
 the hostess with the most~ess,
or the host with the most...whichever the case may be.

Anything that can be made-ahead and
 can be prepped in advance of the doorbell ringing...
Well, those tricks gets 4 gold stars in my book.

I have the perfect holiday drink for a crowd... 
I think you'll be so excited to raise
your glass and toast this fun Santa inspired sip!!

Featured on Fox19, Woman's Day, UK's Heat Magazine...

please enjoy this charming drink:

Day 5 of
the 12 Days of Christmas with
Blue Ribbon Kitchen
belongs to:

The Santa Claus-Mopolitan

Wow!!  I know it's a Monday afternoon
and all...
and if I didn't still have plenty of
shopping ahead... and errands to run...

I would absolutely
whip up a Santa Claus-Mopolitan and turn on
 some Christmas music and sip as I wrap...
But...I'll save it for another day.

Visit the link below to take you
 to the recipe and I
 even have the recipe for a single drink.... 
you can make just one for yourself...or a big batch
for a crowd.

The recipe has been a huge hit...
which is very, very exciting.

Click: SANTA CLAUS MOPOLITAN POST for the recipe.

The following is not a drink, well, not
 technically a drink ... but it sure would make a fun
gift if you're a fan of the Heat Miser or the Snow Miser.

I made these with scarps of
felt and a little bit of faux fur...

Do you remember the holiday Christmas special
 "The Year Without A Santa Claus'??  

It's one of my favorites.

I have a tutorial available on Hometalk, 
where I sometimes post projects too..

Finally... This is a fun drink for the kiddos...
especially if they are into the Elf on the Shelf!!
For the kids...omit the alcohol...
just do egg nog
or hot chocolate.

Get the recipe here: Top Shelf Elf


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