Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Day 7 and Day 8: Yule Log and Santa Chairs

Today is a two for one kind of day...
At the pace that
 these days are flying by...
A two for
one deal works for me...

If someone has some time-saving
tips and tricks...
I am always ready for those!!

Personally...I always want the kind of
 tips that come out looking
...department store window a-mazing...
or Pinterest-Success a-mazing...

 I need those tips to save time....
I needed those tips and tricks two days ago!!

Today you'll get a few
a-mainzg tips on how to make a 
show-stopping dessert in half the time.

For Day 7: A Christmas Yule Log...
or a Festive Stump...yes a stump!!
I couldn't think of a great way 
to fancy-up the stump dessert name...
If you have any suggestions...leave them in the comments... 
Seasonal Stump... Holiday Stump.... hmmm.

For Day 8: Santa Hat Chair Covers... 

Get all the glorious details ahead...
including a bit of good news for 2018!!

The traditional Yule Log can 
be a big undertaking...
It can feel down right intimidating...
not to mention, 
if you are running short on time...
this big project will not 
be on your to-do list.


I may have a solution...

If you still want all the whimsy and fun of the
 Yule Log...and not the work...make a stump.
funny... I know... but it turned out so cute.

A few weeks ago on my visit to Fox19 we
 made a Yule Log and also a "stump"
Simply stack two traditional cake rounds 
and make a stump rather than a log.

(If you're really in a time-crunch, 
buy a simple pre-made cake 
from the grocery and frost it as a stump
once you get home)

Add all the sweet meringue mushrooms 
and mice...and you'll have a winter
wonderland dessert that is
perfect for a Christmas celebration...
but this option
saves you time
in the set-up department.

Another option... make the mushrooms and 
the mice and add them to store-bought cupcakes.

It's the perfect add... 
and it gives you the feel of the Yule Log...
without all the work.

It's the darling homemade treats on 
top that will delight your holiday guests.

The trick to the's working smarter...not harder.

The full recipe is here: Yule Log Recipe
and includes all the details for the
chocolate covered mice,
and mushrooms too.

Want to hear a little good news??
I've got some to share...

Good News!!
A bit of exciting news... for 2018:
I wall be back on Fox19  
for all of 2018!

You can see live recipe 
segments every
First Friday of each month...
(If you are not local...
and I know many readers are from
all over... I will
post segments here too)

(The archived segments are always available on FOX19
-seach: Karri Perry or Blue Ribbon Kitchen))

Day 8... 
Santa Hat Chair Covers

These chair covers are a fun way to add 
a cheery feel to a breakfast table... 
a dining room... Easy as can be...
made from red and white felt.

Get all the details on how 
to make your 
very own here:Santa Hat Chair Covers

I hope you are enjoying all 
that these December 
days have to offer.

I'm feeling like our family needs

a little holiday slow down...
(The pace of the season has picked up
 or quite possibly...I'm slowing down...either way
it seems I am falling behind... )
 what I want most is family
 time and memory making...
so I am scheduling in 
a few special outings in the coming days.

I may be serving up a stump this year...

a festive holiday stump...and 
it will be the most 
beautiful stump we have ever enjoyed.

There is no shame in cutting a few corners...

especially if it means achieving
some quality time...



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