Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12 Days of Christmas with Blue Ribbon Kitchen: Cranberry Decor

Is it really only 12 
days until Christmas??

It is...

No worries, friends.

I plan to give you a helping
 hand over the next twelve days...
I could not be more excited!!!

Are you ready??

I have rounded up my very favorite tips, tricks and 
recipes for making spirits bright through 
he entire month of December.

Toady... is Day 1.

On the first day of Christmas, Karri Perry is sharing with you:

"Decorating with Cranberries"

I have used these red seasonal beauties
 as long as I can remember...
  I know it was even before we had children...
although over the years, my decorating has evolved...
these cranberries are still my go-to for 
brightening up a coffee table or a buffet.

They are so Christmas-y and give
 that bright pop of red color!!

Another great thing...cranberries are
very budget friendly!!

Use them as a holiday table centerpiece... or in a window sill... 
they are gorgeous with contrasting 
white flowers (mums, carnations, roses or daisies)  
You cannot go wrong with cranberries.

Here's a fun fact... ripe cranberries float...
which makes them perfect for floating candles...
so pretty at a holiday Open House or added 
to a Christmas dinner table.
Above is our 2015 Christmas dinner table... ready for company...
The cranberries floating... I picked up a set of floating candles from Target...
This table decoration could not be easier.

If the water turns pink after a few days...
simply refresh the water.  
Grab a colander and strain the berries, 
replace with cool clean water, return the
cranberries to the jar and you are all set!!

Here is how I do it: 
A quick guide here... and a full tutorial follows below.

Step 1:
Cranberries, Jars, Water, Flowers or Candles

Open fresh cranberries, discard any stems or soft/discolored berries.
Rinse in cool water.

Collect assorted mason jars, unique jars from 
the thrift store, old clear vases... any kind will do.
Different sized glass jars arranged in a grouping can
 be beautiful with candles glowing from them...

Get some fresh flowers or floating candles 
depending on how you plan to use your creation.

Another great option is pine, holly or other seasonal greens.

Ribbon is not pictured here...but a little bow is always a cute idea!!

I rinsed the cranberries...

Step 2:
I put the cranberries into the jar...
I always fill half way to 3/4 of the way with cranberries.
However, this is your arrangement and you
 are welcome to make it any way you like...

Step 3:
Hey Kool-Aid!!... I added cool water... 
(I was using my new-to-me (vintage) Kool Aid pitcher...
perfect for filling vases, watering pine trees and poinsettias
this glorious time of the year...

Step 4:
Begin to fill with flowers...
Or... add your floating candle.

Wasn't that so much fun!?

Easy, economical and a big impact!!
Three of my favorite things!!

I am super excited to see you tomorrow 
with DAY 2 of 
Blue Ribbon Kitchen's
 12 Days of Christmas...

Tomorrow's post is pretty special to me
for a couple of reasons...
it's a little sentimental... which I always love, 
especially around Christmastime. 

I hatched the ideas for tomorrow's 
project waaaay back in the summer...
It's been a labor of love
and I cannot wait to share it with you.

Until tomorrow...
enjoy the little things that make
 this season so very special.

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