Saturday, December 16, 2017

Day 4: Homemade Ornaments...My Favorite.

I LOVE a beautifully made homemade gift...
I especially love the sweet homemade ornaments
my kiddos have brought home over the years.

Today...on this, the 4th day of our
 12 Days of Blue Ribbon Kitchen
I am sharing with you some of my very favorites...

I have a collection and easy how-to tutorials 
of three of my current favorites.  
(Find all of the links at the bottom of this post.)

The first...
A BIG hit from last year...the
 Home for the Holidays Ornament.

Next... and NEW this year...the Postcard Ornament!! 
 A perfect way to remember all your fun family
 vacations and road trip adventures.

Finally... Perfect for the littlest crafters in your life... 
A sweet snowman...made from a photo
 and a few pieces of card stock... 
This could not be cuter...or easier!!

All of these cute-as-can-be ornaments 
are easy to put together and 
each one is sentimental, 
and every one would make a thoughtful gift.

If I haven't told you lately...
thank you for reading the blog... 
I'm so happy that you do...
Thanks for sharing your sweet comments with me
 and for liking 
the Facebook page too... 

always enjoy reading about how 
you use the recipes...  
how you make the crafts and take
away ideas from your visits 
to Blue Ribbon Kitchen... 
Your kind words... certainly keep
me feeling the joy of the holidays.

It's so wonderful to be able to
 share these holiday ideas and recipes with you.  



Click this link:

The link below has a video
 showing the Home for the Holidays 
ornament being made

Click this link:


Click this link:
Postcard Ornaments


Click this link:

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