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Day 3: 12 Days of Christmas: Ribbon!!

The thing about holiday decorating...
it doesn't have to be expensive to look beautiful...

That's the good news.

Even better news??  
Yes, there is even better news.

Ribbon is the answer.

True Confession:

I once did this with ribbon...

I tied a blue ribbon
Yes, and actual ribbon...
(as in... a first place looking... royal- blue colored ribbon) 
around a resume I was submitting...

(Was this smart marketing or a recipe for disaster??)

I have no shame...

At first I thought...
"Is this too much...really Karri,
Are you sure about this??"  

I wasn't sure...

and truthfully, I was a little worried it
was too much...way over-the-top...

but, it looked pretty and it stood out...

...and pretty wins in my book when
it comes to decor choices... even if
else is doing it... if you LOVE it and think it
looks good...go with your gut.

My too much...over-the-top, 
beautifully tied, blue-ribbon wearing resume...

(Clearly a genius hindsight)

So welcome everyone!
Warmest holiday wishes to you today...
on this, the
  third day of our 12 DAYS of Blue Ribbon Kitchen!!

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So yes...I am thankful for ribbon....
 and I'm going to share a big list of why...

 If you are not using ribbon in 
your decorating... don't be shy
about trying it...

 Consider ALL the amazing possibilities it offers...

10 Reasons to LOVE Ribbon

  1. Ribbon comes in every style and you are never stuck...endless possibilities.
  2. Ribbon is versatile...can be used indoors, and out.
  3. Wire or without wire... which might matter depending on the project...Perfect for bow making.
  4. Ribbon can be dressed up and dressed down...
  5. It's reusable... take it off projects/tables carefully and you'll have some for the next project.
  6. Adds a polished look to gifts... nice ribbon can liven up even the silliest of white elephant gifts.
  7. Ribbon...tied around my resume...landed me a fantastic opportunity! (I just KNOW it was that ribbon)
  8. Ribbon adds so much to table settings...added to a centerpiece or tied around a napkin.
  9. I always incorporate ribbon as garland on some of our Christmas tress... it's lightweight.
  10. Budget friendly...use a coupon, wait for a sale, or buy off season...ribbon is always in style!

I use ribbon ALL the time:
You'll see it regularly on FOX19
recipe segments to add 
a pop of color and movement to my displays
Floral arrangements
Treat bags
Christmas Garland
Eater Baskets
Napkin Holders
On Curtains and Draperies
Sometimes in place of curtains
Table Runners
Jar Lids
Gift Cards
As Seasonal Garlands
Chandelier Decor
Urns and Outdoor Decor
Fence Posts
Light Posts...

Seriously, ...add a pretty ribbon to almost
 anything and it takes it up a notch... 

I once added a ribbon to a bottle
 opener at a very casual party... 
I tied the bottle opener onto a small galvanized
 tub of adult beverages.

 One of the guests was so impressed.... 
the ribbon kept the bottle opener in place 
and from falling to the floor... 
She said  "It's such a nice touch...the ribbon hanger..."
 I agree... It was...  ribbon WINS again!!

The craft stores have an entire aisle 
devoted to ribbon...sometimes two aisles.

I admit...I can get carried away when it 
comes to choosing a single design...

I will say in reviewing this fine piece
 of blogging work/photo essay...
I do have a propensity for the red and gingham 
during the holiday
season. Wow!

I can promise you, I do branch out into other 
colors and other patterns the rest of the year...
I do however stick to reds... in December.

Truth:  I once dared to decorate with
 a different color than red 
during a past holiday season.  
After it was complete...
I just couldn't love the colors I chose
 and it didn't feel cheery to me.

... I think I went with gold and burgundy...
which I love when I see it in 
other places... 
but inside my own home 
on my tree... 
I just needed that bright pop...

I've seen and admired
 so many gorgeous pastel 
trees, snowy white trees, 
frosty cream trees...

--if a color speaks to you...
I think you have to go with 
what makes you feel the happiest.

Clearly, I have a thing for red and gingham.

Cutting Tips:
Buy good ribbon...with a nice feel and made well.

Do not use good scissors to cut wired ribbon.
Instead...Use a pair of wire cutters or a
designated pair of "wire ribbon"
scissors so your good scissors stay sharp.

Use good sharp scissors to make cuts on the ends.

For large projects, buy an extra roll...
So many times, I was just a few
 inches short and then could not
find the same color... Measure twice... buy once!
If you end up not needing it... return it.

Well...what do you know... a green ribbon!!

This was actually from a St. Patrick's Day
post...but the ribbon garland is super-cute and so easy to make!!
Perfect for any celebration.
(A great kid's craft)
The tutorial is in a link at 
the bottom of this post...

Here are a few ribbon tutorials for 
some of the projects featured above:

I hope you are enjoying this Day 3 of our 
12 Days of Blue Ribbon Kitchen!!
Recipes are on the way in coming days...


Click Here:

Ribbon Garland

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