Saturday, February 11, 2017

Valentine Table & DIY Heart Napkin Rings

Roses are red...

Frogs are green...

Isn't this the cutest Valentine table

that you've ever seen??


Don't answer that!!

It is pretty cute though...

friends... What a whirlwind
of activity around our house lately...
Between the crazy weather,
 field trips, school meetings and
 Live videos... there's a lot going on!

Did you see the FB Hometalk Live??
(I'll include it at the end of this post in case you want to watch.)
Did you see the part where my mom wrote in??
She totally caught me off guard...

 I wrote a post awhile back, 
all about our homemade Halloween costumes growing up...
Well, there is a pretty funny story in there about burlap...

Burlap: the only fabric
 NOT recommended by most,
 for masks or face coverings of any kind.
Burlap masks will not be sweeping the
nation as a trend anytime soon... I promise.
(It did however make for some funny memories and good stories)

Here's the link to the burlap costume post...
The Halloween Burlap Masks

For this fun Valentine table
 and super-cute set of napkin rings we used

Burlap = Good for crafts
Burlap = Not good for masks of any kind

Burlap was perfect for the table runner and
perfect for DIY napkin rings!!
Can you even believe this started out as 
a cardboard paper towel tube??

I know...
I can't believe it either...

So this crazy week...
Yes, blustery sums it up pretty well.

First cold...and then warmish....
snow, and then back to 'open the windows' weather...

I feel like I'm riding a roller coaster... 
with not only our weather, 
but my crazy schedule too...

One day we are steadily climbing that giant hill and it's all sunny
and the thermometer is at a balmy 65 degrees... 
Yes, in February... 
(it's not confusing, to my internal temperature at all...)

and then I blink...

Suddenly, We are flying downhill...
60 mph, almost as fast as the 
winter winds that are somehow 
now whipping through my hair...
and there I am...
wearing my spring jacket...because...
It was seriously, 
warm and sunny just 12 hours ago...

This must be happening to some of you too...

I think the best way to handle 
all the highs and lows is to just
roll with it... as best we can.

We certainly can't control the weather... 
and sometimes life and schedules get hectic too... 
...they just do.

I find that if I keep a sunny disposition
while keeping an extra sweater in the car,
  ('s all about the layering)
I seem to weather the ups and the downs just fine.

My hair my be wind-blown and I might not always be 
dressed for the changing weather conditions... 
but eventually things will settle down... they always do.
 Isn't this a fun idea??

After the holidays grab a couple
 of dicounted gingerbread houses to 
use at Valentine's Day as a centerpiece or
fun craft for a snow day with the kiddos.

Use conversation hearts and 
other seasonal candy to make a 
cute little gingerbread "love shack"...
or maybe don't tell your kids that. Ha.

Here is the HomeTalk Live video from Facebook.
You can watch us make the super easy painted table runner
and put together the Valentine table too!!

Blank Table

Add Fabric or a table cloth.
I LOVE using fabric instead of 
store bought table many more
 choices and if  I use my coupon it's often less expensive too.

 Add a table runner.
The complete How-To on this painted
burlap table runner is in the 
Home Talk Video above

Or in this post here:

Seriously cute...and crazy-inexpensive!!

I made this for the small table...
I have a bigger one for my center island.
See the video above for all the details.

The perfect pop of holiday color and it
takes up no space!!

A chalk board heart serves as a menu
and gives the table some height when 
placed on a cute cake stand.

Adding visual interest with a few sparkling red hearts never hurts.

Fresh if you can...they add
so much.

Ribbon can add visual interest too...

 Great Idea Alert!
Add a Valentine message for your sweetie on a doily...
or simply cut out a heart on construction paper.
Place a clear disposable plate or a clear glass plate on top
of the message...

Your guest will see a sweet message underneath!!

I added a small valentine gift at each place...
Sweets for the sweet.

I like to add a touch of vintage,
so I added a few cute Valentine's from
my collection. 

Paper straws.
Very inexpensive.

I might be a paper-straw hoarder.  
I have a drawer bursting with them...
You just never know when you 
might need that very special straw...

Goodness, I probably have enough straws 
for the whole city to sip a beverage from...

DIY napkin rings...
because you already have the
 burlap from the table runner...
and you have mad glue gun skills...

Just Do It!!
or  maybe... rather...

Just Make It!!

(the How -To follows)

 Ta Daaa... 
Valentine Breakfast Table for four....
Your table is ready.

How-To Make DIY Napkin Rings

What you'll Need:
Cardboard tube- I used a paper towel roll
burlap ribbon or fabric
hot glue gun

Trim cardboard tube into 1"- 2" rings.
Whatever size you go with, keep your rings about the
same size so your set of napkins looks on point.

I used the markings on my cardboard as a guide.

Cut the rings open so that the burlap can be attached. 
 Using the hot glue, carefully attach the
 burlap covering the cardboard.  
Once covered, reattach the ends to create a circle.

 Cut out shapes of felt...or buy pre-cut heart shapes to use.

Using glue, attach the heart to the top of the napkin ring.

Once cool, remove any glue strings and add a festive napkin!!

Here I used a flower napkin ring from Easter...
Same project, except using silk flowers...

So many creations...
just waiting to be made....
Customize them to fit your color scheme and your style!!

Thank you as always for reading the blog!!

Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day!!


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