Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I love Pinterest... there is no shortage of truly great ideas out there.  A few weeks ago I saw a darling DIY table runner... I made my own version yesterday and I love how it turned out, AND even better; it could not have been easier.  I can see more of these runners in my future...I have no shortage of cookie cutters... or enthusiasm for all holidays...
I find kitchen center islands to be a tricky place to liven up for holidays; this runner adds valentine color and fun without taking up any needed space.
While I was at it I used some leftover burlap to  make a wrapper for a candle...again, it was very easy and turned out so cute.  I would recommend taking the burlap off, if you planned to light the candle...but for a festive decoration... it's perfect.
The runner: using some leftover burlap, I cut a piece the size of our kitchen center island.  I frayed the edges.
Using a hear shaped cookie cutter, pressing firmly, I painted inside the shape... How cute!
I put newspaper under to protect the countertop.  After painting the hearts, I set canned goods underneath to keep the wet hearts from adhering to the newspaper... it took about 2 hours to dry... I used Americana craft paint in "cherry red"  It took the whole bottle to do this runner.  Soap and warm water cleaned off all the craft paint from the cookie cutter... clean up was a snap.
The big bright valentine hearts add so much to the room... I find that Valentine's Day can be hard to decorate for...this did the trick.
For the candle, use tightly woven burlap... I used an old valentine stamp set and regular stamp ink...really easy.  Using a dot of glue, tape or a push pin, secure the burlap around the candle... again... I would not light the candle with the burlap still attached...


  1. Cute runner. Is that little brush really the one you used? Wow that must have taken a while.

    1. Hi Vicky, thank you. Yes, I did use the small brush...the paint easily squirts out of the bottle, so the brush helped spread it around the inside of the heart shapes. It really only took a few minutes per each heart...once I figured out what I was doing. Take care!

  2. Very nice! Lots of possibilities!

    1. Thank you Kathleen!! I have hopes of making some table runners for other holidays..I better get busy!!