Thursday, February 13, 2014


I am in love... with many, many things... however I have this fascination with pie crust cutters... they come in the cutest shapes, usually a box of four has some sort of theme to it, which I enjoy.  I use these little gems to cut shapes out of the pie dough, giving the pie a really finished look. They are darling, and mine all have little plungers that give the cut out dimension... I wonder each new holiday season, what will the next box be like (high drama).  I am ashamed to tell you how many I have collected since discovering them..(more than a few, but less than 50). To be fair, I use them regularly, so it's a worthwhile investment... plus I LOVE them... I think I may have mentioned that.

I have purchased them at specialty grocery and baking stores in the baking department, at gift shops, and most often at Williams-Sonoma.
For a link to the latest
pie dough cutters at Williams-Sonoma click here.
As an aside, while I have never tried to use them with sugar cookies, I bet they would be adorable as petite shortbread or sugar cookies for a tea party... more uses....

I made this a top-crust only, berry-sweet cobbler last night for dessert.  My family was Oooh-ing and awing over it, I thinks it's been awhile since I baked a cobbler.

I used blueberries, blackberries, frozen raspberries (fresh is fine, I just had frozen available) and a handful of fresh sliced strawberries.  I had about three cups or so of washed and drained berries.  It was just enough to fill a pie plate.

Using pie dough, I cut out the cutest valentine hearts... no bottom crust for this cobbler, which worked out perfectly fine and saved us from a few extra calories... to which I quickly added with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream.  I really don't think I could enjoy the cobbler as much without the ice cream... I could try... but wow, the ice cream and warm berries with a little heart pie crust cut out... it was almost too much... perfect dessert to share with my sweethearts.
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