Saturday, February 4, 2017

Touchdown!! Snackadium Success!! ...and Super Bowl Snack Ideas!!

Up until yesterday...
all of my Pinterest fails 
had thankfully taken place in
 the privacy of my own kitchen... 

Jell-O molds that didn't gel...
cakes that didn't rise to any occasion...
 ...there have been plenty of misses... 


So yesterday, 
making a BIG super-important project...
all morning... on live TV... 
Well, it came with a little stress...
I did not want a Pinterest fail...
and especially not in front of...
Is that asking too much??

This is probably why I didn't sleep 
very well on Thursday night...

So much to do... 
So much to think about...

Will this "stadium" which is actually
 a pile of office organization 
boxes and computer holders look
like a stadium??  Will it??  
Can it??

Here I am setting up the stadium structure on Thursday.


was A-mazing!!

I can't wait to show you all the cute, 
super-fun things we did... live, on-air yesterday...

No Pinterest fails allowed!!  No way!!

You know how sometimes you might imagine 
how something should look, or
how something might be...
 (all in your head of course)...

a vision...

...and then... you actually start making that 
"something" come to life...??

The building of your
 "something" starts to take shape...

We did it!!  
Little 'ole me and a team of 
really talented and very helpful folks
from FOX19, filled, created 
and shaped those boxes into
 the Super Bowl Snackadium.... 

 It was so much fun... 
(it was way MORE fun once I could tell our project looked
like a stadium and not like a collection of boxes!!)

It truly looked even better than how
 I imagined it could look... and that is pretty great.

Here is what I used for the stadium:
From IKEA...
Office Organization Boxes...I used small
ones in each corner too.

to tilt the boxes at the correct angle for
 our style stadium, I used inexpensive
plastic computer/phone holders ...again from IKEA.

Not living near an IKEA?? worries!!
Below in the FOX19 videos I talk about alternative
ways to create the stadium look with soda
 boxes and even spice rack holders and plastic food storage containers!!

All the stadium details were glued in with a hot glue gun.

I made my own custom flags and picks by printing
from my computer images
 (FOX19 and the Super Bowl 51 logo in my case)
 but you could do footballs, the NFL logo...make it your own!!

I used silver paper straws to make
tall "flag poles"...again...I used the glue easy.

I added some fancy drink picks that are tinsel
 covered to the top of some of the straws. looked pretty I
just went with it...
There are no rules...
so feel free to make your stadium fabulous
in any way that you choose!!

Here is the list we used for filling the stadium:
This food could serve 30-40 hungry football fans.

Snack Stadium
2 family sized bags Lays original chips-yellow bag
2 large bags Cheetos
2 bags Mini twist pretzels
1 large bag cheese puffs/or cheese balls
2 large bags butter flavored popped popcorn
3 large bags Tostitos tortilla chips-scoops
2 bags Doritos-nacho flavored
2 large bags Fritos scoops
2 large jars Salsa -Mild
1 box Ritz Crackers
2 cans of black olives
2 jars of green olives
1 jar dill pickle spears
Chilled Items
2 containers Guacamole Dip Classic flavor
2 Containers Ranch Dip or Veggie Dip
2 containers  French Onion Dip
2 bags cheese cubes- assorted
2 cucumbers rinsed, and sliced into ¼ inch slices-bring in a Ziploc bag
Celery-two bunches; cleaned and cut into 4”-5” pieces for dipping-bring in a Ziploc bag
Broccoli- Two heads, rinsed and cut into chunks for dipping/eating-bring in a Ziploc bag
2 large bags of baby carrots-ready to eat
2 containers cherry tomatoes
Sour Cream- 1 container
6 Subs to be cut into 2 inch portions, ham, turkey, beef
 Cans of soda  
Water-24 pack of bottled water
2 packs Yellow beverage napkins- these will be penalty flags**

Clear plastic utensils, forks, knives and spoons

 While our stadium did look huge...
our food bill was only $102.
...which covered all the chips, dips, veggies,
 cheeses, crackers, subs, and beverages

A great take-away from putting this's that
serving chips from shallow office trays makes a
 big statement, and takes up more real-estate
 on a table than setting out bowls of snacks and dips.

It was fun to put a new spin on classic snacks.

 Ice cream sandwiches...served with a popsicle stick for clean hands and
special icing laces piped on to make them football ready!

 A cheesy Pretzel Beer Cheese for gridiron fun.

Beer Cheese for Pretzels:  Blue Ribbon Kitchen

2 packages Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 packet dry ranch seasoning ( Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning)
6 ounces-beer
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Mix softened cream cheese and ranch seasoning until combined.
Add 6 ounces of beer, stir well. ** If making cheese into a football shape, add only 4 ounces-for a slightly thicker consistency.
Add the shredded cheddar cheese.  Cheese mixture will thicken.
Chill at least two hours. 

If desired, form cheese into a football shape, add small pepperoni to cover the surface, add string cheese for laces.

Serve with pretzels. 

Here I am at dark thirty AM...ready with my emergency balloons...
I picked them up last minute in case our
stadium was a flop...
My thought least the viewers
could tell it was somehow football related!!
No worries...
turns out
we didn't need those football balloons after all!!

Good game everyone!!!!   ...Good game!

Time Lapse of our amazing
Super Bowl Snackadium, courtesy of Cincy Weekend!!
See it here:

Super bowl Snack Stadium Sources:
Office organization boxes: IKEA
Laptop/phone holder: IKEA
Soda boxes: Kroger
Spice racks: Wal-Mart, Target, The Container Store
Aluminum pans: Kroger
Football field table cover: Cappels
Lg. Metal Pails, holding the pretzels: Target-last spring
Paper Straws: Kroger
Silver and red picks:  old purchase from Pier One
Penalty Flag tins: IKEA
Yellow Napkins: IKEA
Team Pom-poms: Cappels
Whistles: Cappels
TV Bingo Cards: Party City
Team logo cups: Party City
Green field plastic cups: Party City
Team Balloons: Kroger
Striped wrapping paper: TJ Maxx
Football/Ref Stripe scrapbook paper: Hobby Lobby
Sprinkles: Cincinnati Cake and Candy in Reading

Thanks so much for stopping by to read the blog!!
Wishing you a very fun Super Bowl Sunday!!

I hope your favorite team wins!!!

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