Thursday, February 2, 2017

Super Bowl Snack Stadium!

Hey friends!

Are you having a Super Bowl party?!

I am... but it's an early morning party...

Our local Fox 19 is having a 
Super Bowl party Friday...
as in, later THIS morning.

To get ready for the BIG event they asked 
if I could help put together a snack stadium.

Of course!!
I love a great party 
--the Super Bowl is always a fun event 
to plan for!!
How exciting...

This project has been in the works for
a little while now...
With the help of Pinterest, family and friends...
I gathered some of the easiest
and best-loved fun for a super-amazing,
 Super Bowl party.

Whether you plan to
relax on your couch in you PJ's...or throw
a great big shin-dig...there's
probably something for everyone
during today's segments on FOX.
(at least I hope so...)

This is set-up from today...

this is set-up from home... 
testing out my design...

This is from earlier today...setting
everything up in the studio...
Yes, the hot glue gun was there too!

We are making a big stadium
complete with all the extras... 
like penalty flags, team colors and lots of snacks!!

Actually, we have a second stadium...
For those who like to order in...
City Barbecue is filling our 
second stadium...It's going to be delicious.

Please stop back later to see the filled stadium!!
I am so excited to see it all finished...

I hope it will look amazing...
I really do...

But, we will all have to wait until we are live on air...
Let's all keep our fingers crossed  ;)

More set-up from today...

Below find all of the sources form today's segments.

I'll be back on the blog later to
show you photos of the filled...and finished 
Super Snack Stadium!!

You can tune in locally 
on Fox19 WXIX, Cincinnati
starting at 8:45 am!!

Hope to see you!!

 How cute... a football wrapped milk carton for the kiddos.
 Team colors...

Super Bowl Snack Stadium Sources:
Office organization boxes: IKEA
Laptop/phone holder: IKEA
Soda boxes: Kroger
Spice racks: Wal-Mart, Target, The Container Store
Aluminum pans: Kroger
Football field table cover: Cappels
Lg. Metal Pails, holding the pretzels: Target-last spring
Paper Straws: Kroger
Silver and red picks:  old purchase from Pier One
Penalty Flag tins: IKEA
Yellow Napkins: IKEA
Team Pom-poms: Cappels
Whistles: Cappels
TV Bingo Cards: Party City
Team logo cups: Party City
Green field plastic cups: Party City
Team Balloons: Kroger
Striped wrapping paper: TJ Maxx
Football/Ref Stripe scrapbook paper: Hobby Lobby
Sprinkles: Cincinnati Cake and Candy in Reading

I'm trying to use the selfie stick.... 
I think there's a trick to it I haven't discovered just yet...

 Beer Cheese for Pretzels:  Blue Ribbon Kitchen --photos coming soon!!

2 packages Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 packet dry ranch seasoning ( Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning)
6 ounces-beer
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Mix softened cream cheese and ranch seasoning until combined.
Add 6 ounces of beer, stir well. ** If making cheese into a football shape, add only 4 ounces-for a slightly thicker consistency.
Add the shredded cheddar cheese.  Cheese mixture will thicken.
Chill at least two hours. 

If desired, form cheese into a football shape, add small pepperoni to cover the surface, add string cheese for laces.

Serve with pretzels.

Don't forget to check later for all the details from our Super-Snack Stadium recipe segments!!

Remember Super Bowl LI will be on FOX this Sunday!!
--So much to remember...

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