Tuesday, January 24, 2017

HomeTalk Live Today: A Vintage Kitchen Tool Wreath and GIVEAWAY

 Today is the HomeTalk 
Live Demo on Facebook at 1 pm EST!! 

Were you feeling like you needed
 some "Farmhouse" decor in your life??

That seems to be all the rage...

Today we are making an actual,
vintage kitchen tool wreath!!

Look on the on photo above...patent date 1923
that mixer is certainly vintage!!

It doesn't get much more farmhouse-y than that.

The BEST part??  I'm giving a wreath away!!

Perfect for anyone with a little farmhouse style
running through their veins... 

Even if you are not living in an actual farm house...
you can feel like you are...
at least while you're in the vicinity of this wreath.

I have my original...
which I shared a how-to on
 Hometalk a while back.
You can click here to see the details:

Yesterday,  I made a green kitchen tool wreath
(Green is the Pantone color of 2017)
See how fashion forward I am??

Today 1/24/17 during the Facebook Hometalk
Live segment at 1 PM, 
We will be making a red 
kitchen tool wreath...

At 1 PM go to Facebook,
and find the Hometalk page:
HomeTalk on Facebook

 One green and one red wreath!!
I'll post a photo of the red wreath
 after we make it later today.

Can you believe it...I am
 giving a vintage kitchen tool wreath away!!?
And it's winner's choice!!

You can sign up below 
--The winner will have their choice
 of either the green or the red vintage kitchen tool wreath!!

So exciting...

Two things to do to sign up...  
 First visit Facebook and "Like" 
the Blue Ribbon Kitchen page.
you can click here:

Fill out the Raffelcopter entry and if you have 
"liked" the FB page, simply check the box that
 you did and indicate which wreath color is your favorite!!
... The red or the green
 decisions, decisions...

Be sure to sign up before
 1/31/2017...that's when the wreath giveaway ends.

Because we can't ALL win the 
Kitchen Tool Wreath...
I have another fun something
 to share...
For the next 7 days 
are giving Blue Ribbon Kitchen Blog
 readers an extra 20% off.

We can ALL have great stationery!!
and at 20% off...amazing.

THIS is exciting... 
and I know first hand, because
I ordered Blue Ribbon Kitchen 
thank-you cards last week...
They arrived to my doorstep
in 3 business days...
Let me tell you...
I LOVE them.

Amazing quality and super fast service.

I designed the cards myself on their website...
I am not super tech-savvy...
but I found
the site very user-friendly!!

I will devote a post tomorrow 
about thank-yous, 
and simply loving the surprise
 of what lies inside the mailbox...

I'll write more about the discount too...
Until then:
 enter code:
for your 20% off.
 Offer ends 1/31/2017

(Disclaimer:  I am not paid or compensated in any way
 by Eyerland Stationery & Gift Studio.  
My thoughts and
 opinions are my own.
 I love promoting products and 
services that I have
 first-hand knowledge of and truly enjoy.)

See you later today!!
I'll be looking for you!!

;) Karri

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