Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Oh, the parade of costumes over the years....
Halloween costumes...each one, better than the next.  Sometimes our costumes were homemade...sewn together with felt, leftover fabric and bits of yarn, with truly ingenious uses of everyday household objects...garbage can lids were magically transformed into superhero shields, cardboard boxes were fashioned into shiny silver robot know how it were there, you lived it.  It was so much fun, emerging from our homes dressed in our best Halloween apparel, precisely at the strike of 6 PM (at least that's when Halloween began on our street)!

Growing up, we had our share of homemade disguises...We still talk about some of the crazy get-ups we had and laugh each year as Halloween rolls around.

My mom fashioned E.T. fingers for my brother out of aluminum foil, of course she did... she was brilliant when it came to making costumes!  ... one year my brother and I went as scarecrows... we wore itchy burlap sack masks... (burlap was probably not the best fabric choice... although my mom was way ahead of the burlap fashion craze by almost 20 years...hindsight is always 20/20...right?).  I don't think I have any photos from those funny Halloween nights, because if I did, they would be front and center on this Halloween Tree project!... I have to give my mom an "A" for effort and and "A+" for giving us a reason to smile every Halloween.

My kiddos l-o-v-e Halloween just as much as my brother and I did.  They love choosing what they'll go as on Halloween night.... they of course, love the candy part of the whole thing too... What's not to love?!

 These are two of my very favorite memories of my children at Halloween....
What sweet little faces... 
To keep the Halloween memories alive...each year I do a Halloween Family Photo Tree.

I took old and new photos of costume-clad kiddos from over the years.  Photos from visits to the pumpkin patch, football games and other fall activities would work great too.
I mounted photos on scrapbook card stock.
Added a black and white gingham ribbon and ...Taa Daa...  Halloween Tree.
This year I found cute miniature ornaments from Target... 
About the tree... It's from the thrift store, so I don't know where it originally came from.  In the past, I used willow branches inside an antique crock... and my Halloween display turned out just as cute... 
I love looking back at all the sweet costumes from years gone by...
Happy Halloween from 1978! (That's me and my younger brother as clowns)
Happy Halloween from 1980... I was a nurse, my brother was a train engineer....
 The glittered spiders, bats, and pumpkins all came from Wal-Mart this year.
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  1. This is such a cute idea! Your project will be featured on The Scoop this coming Monday night. Thank you for linking up!

    1. Hi Suzy! So thrilled to be featured on The Scoop this week!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Halloween Tree too... it's a fun holiday decoration to put together each year.

  2. Love your Halloween tree idea. Found you through Stone Gable.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deborah! The Halloween tree is a sentimental favorite of mine.

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