Sunday, September 14, 2014


First, I have a disclaimer:  I cannot possibly do justice to the wonderful day I had at the 2014 Country Living Fair in a single blog post. I just can't.  I will however, highlight just a tiny fraction of my trip to the fair. I wish I was still there today, among the many amazing booths of fabulous finds!!

Yesterday was the quintessential fall day, a great way to kick off the season. My drive up  to the fair in the early morning was absolutely gorgeous... as was my ride home....Sunshine on golden fields of corn, vintage tractors at rest,  and picturesque farmland, all of which made getting there a feast for the eyes.
I was meeting old friends (which actually made the day even sweeter).  I used to work for these ladies not so long ago, at my alma mater.  They were exceptional women to learn from and to work for...and still today, they are exceptional friends.
We had a ball, shopping, watching Country Living programs, sampling foods, and shopping a little more!
My crafting and decorating senses were overloaded yesterday, by all the amazing artisans and their truly outstanding wares.  I could have happily purchased something from every vendor That's just how good everything was.


I wish I would have started taking photos a little earlier in the day...I had my hands full early on with shopping bags.  I was also toting around my antique Gamble House plate, 1 of a set of 12 I purchased at the estate auction of James N. Gamble of Procter and Gamble fame.  The auction, which was last month, was pretty amazing and I was thrilled to bring home this set of china.
Ok, the What Is It? What Is It Worth? is one of my favorite parts of the Country Living Magazine...I always find it so interesting and very informative...and then I keep my eye out for great finds like the one's showcased in the magazine!!
Lucky  for me, the Country Living Fair was doing "Live Appraisals" with Contributing Editor, Masha Dixey.  Ms.Dixey didn't know the exact maker off hand, so it will be a little while longer until we know the "value" of these plates.  Thanks to Ms. Dixey for doing a little research on my behalf.  I will be anxious to hear what you discover!


There was just so much to see, so many outstanding booths to visit.  I captured a few along the way...I could have taken pictures all day, but then I wouldn't have had the time to shop!


After all that shopping... here are a few of the great things I brought home with me.
I am already looking forward to next year!!

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