Friday, September 12, 2014


And just like that, autumn has arrived... slightly ahead of the official September date on the calendar, but it's here just the same.  There was a chill in the air this morning when the kids were leaving for school and I noticed the leaves are beginning to change color too!!  Today I pulled out some of my very  favorite fall wreaths to celebrate the momentous occasion of it really feeling like autumn.
Wreaths?  As in, wreath, with an "s" on the end?? More than just one wreath??  Yes,  I have loved making wreaths for years and years and with each new season, I get new inspiration and usually a new wreath...(...or two).

I put a selection of wreaths on the front door today, to show the difference in each design and style. I think there are actually four wreaths and one door bucket, but who's counting??


The door basket/bucket is a great change of pace for when you are looking for something a little different to put on the front door that's not a wreath.  This little number is a metal container and the golden patina goes nicely with the mums and pumpkins this time of year.  I added a few bunches of fall sunflowers and daisies, attached a burlap bow and done.


This is a fun wreath.  Bright and sassy with oranges and lime greens; the lime green is an unexpected color for a fall door, but it works.  It's on a grapevine base, and I simply painted a wooden craft letter and added on a few white polka dots... It was very easy to put together and it makes a nice welcome on the front door.


This is a very full wreath.  It makes quite a statement on the door, with all the orange fall leaves, pumpkins and cattails.  I think the fullness of this wreath, makes it seem more formal.  I mainly use this wreath inside, since I don't have a covered front porch to protect it from the weather.  


This is a huge contrast to the wreath above, simple but lovely.  Not every wreath has to be large and full of foliage.  I like both kinds of wreaths, so for me, it's a great way to change things up as we get closer to Halloween. This wreath is a perfect example of less being more; and autumn being all about the pumpkin.


 This is a wreath I  made a long time ago, and I still love it.  The colors are vibrant and the faux wood "Witch's House 1 mile" sign is the perfect spooky addition to this Halloween front door.  I added extra orange and black ribbon streamers to this wreath.  The ribbons dance about in the fall breeze, which makes the overall look, even more haunting.  It's one of my favorites.
Here they are all together (minus the door bucket).  

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