Thursday, September 25, 2014


My favorite kinds of craft projects are those that are relatively easy, require minimal effort (not too many complicated steps or directions) and the project should have a big payoff...
Is that asking too much?? 
If I'm being really honest, the craft/project can't take too long either... I lose interest too quickly and patience has never been my strong suit!  This might explain my dismal attempts at knitting...

If quick crafts are your thing too... this is a great only took 30 minutes, start to finish! Really!

I worked on this project, while our dinner was in the oven... by the time we were ready to eat...I was finished with the framed monogram!  I can't vouch for the paint being 100% dry... but it was very close.
Using an old frame from the local thrift store...
I followed these steps:

1.  Paint the frame with craft  paint.

2.  Cut out burlap fabric, using the glass from the frame as a template.

3.  Covering the glass with the burlap, (you can use a few dots of hot glue to secure it) return the covered glass into the newly painted frame.
All that was left to do was adhere my craft store monogram... (I picked the letter "P" up at Hobby Lobby) I used a few dabs of hot glue to set it in place.  
I had originally intended to hang it...but in my haste to get dinner onto the table I set it on our dining room hutch...Not too shabby for a 30 minute craft!

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