Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SNOW DAY! (again) Valentine spritz cookies

Yesterday marked our seventh snow day this school year.  Not a typical sort of winter for us.  We may get two or three snow days following a good amount of snow during a "normal" winter, but seven??  Seven is a lot, and it's only mid January.  I'm pretty sure the kids were almost as excited to get back to school as they were about their seventh snow day; they really missed their friends. 
With all those very cold and snowy days, I have decided I really need to restock my craft closet, and maybe look up some inventive ways for us to spend our days together should we be gifted a few more snowy vacation days...snow is in the forecast again.
During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we were so busy we missed making some of our traditional Christmas cookies.  We made plenty of other kinds  --just didn't get around to these little beauties.  I promised the kids we would make them for Valentine's Day and everyone seemed agreeable with that solution... So, yesterday we made a valentine version of what we call Spritz Cookies.

My mom taught me, just as her mom taught her and as I am teaching my own kiddos. 
We chose to make hearts and flowers in honor of Valentine's Day.
We like to add a few drops of food coloring to the dough to give the cookies a fun whimsical look...a few cookies ended up as tie-dyed as some t-shirts I've seen. 
Tie-Dyed flowers, how sweet.
We decorate with colored sugars and sprinkles (the kids like this part best) and then bake... These cute, buttery treats won't last very long in our house...  yum.
The cookie press that we have been using for at least a decade is from Wilton.  I like it because it's super easy to use, easy to clean up and most importantly, the kids are able to pull the lever and "make" an entire tray of beautiful cookies.  The cookie press comes with an assortment of shapes --so you are ready for pretty much any holiday or occasion.

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