Thursday, January 16, 2014

HAVE A "LITTLE" HEART, and a cookie too.

I was so excited to see the valentine candy in the store the other day.  I picked up a bag of conversation hearts.  At home, my kids spied them right away.  The allure of the pastel hearts called them over to the candy dish almost instantly...literally, the candy dish had seen no action in weeks and within minutes they were circling.  Like me, they were excited by the new treat in the house too.  (I suppose the apple does not fall far from this they say)
I was noticing today, I have no idea what some of the phrases mean... I am just as hip as the next mom, but really?  How could the lingo on conversation hearts change so quickly??  I have no clue what "sup base" is all about...Could it perhaps be a misspelling at the candy heart factory??  I doubt it.  Am I reading this right?  I even thought it might be written like a vanity plate...I'm still at a loss for what it means. I can imagine my feelings about conversation hearts were similar to the first "hip mom" from the 1990's who read "text me" and thought "What's that all about!?"

UPDATE:  After doing a little investigative research into candy heart sayings-- It turns out my "SUP BASE" is actually "SUP BABE"--with the second "b" poorly printed.  The mystery is solved! I'm still cool...(what a relief) So, I guess this sup is slang for "what's up?"  I vote for making slightly bigger candy hearts and skipping the slang "sup" advanced age is showing a bit...please excuse me.

 I am looking forward to my kids arriving home from school today, for two reasons.  One, I plan to give them a conversation heart vocabulary quiz... I wonder if they are up on all this trendy wording on the hearts.  Secondly, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and I tried a new recipe....I LOVE it... it is exceptional.  To make these cookies extra special I turned them into heart shapes when they were hot out of the oven.  I simply took an off set spatula and while the cookies were not quite set, I gave the bottom a little squeeze and pushed the top made the lovely heart shape. The after-school snack will be 100% kid-approved today!

The recipe I tried today was from Pinterest.  It is the Bisquick "The Best" chocolate chip cookie EVER recipe. Click her for the recipe  So, so very many good looking cookies on Pinterest, I started my own page of just cookie recipes to try--they certainly can't all be the "best"...but I'm willing to try to get to the bottom of that.  Today's cookie was a great success-- I made a very slight alteration by adding a mixture of chocolate chips (milk chocolate and semi-sweet)  I think they turned out great, and they hit all the right notes for me as far as a good chocolate chip cookie goes.  I'm impressed.

 I also changed out the front door wreath.  It is time, (a little overdue maybe) to transition fully from the holidays.  I always struggle with leaving the Christmas wreath on the door, and moving on...but it is after all mid January, time to get moving. 

This wreath I made reminds me of a big gaudy box of valentine chocolates, (the over-the-top delicious kind of chocolates) The ribbon draped across the heart gives it that very valentine-y look. All the materials were from Hobby Lobby.

Being that it is still January, and I've had two full weeks to recover from endless rush of the holidays I thought it would be a good idea to get some goals in place.  I found a new year's resolution quote that sums up a lot of my hopes for 2014, in a broad, all encompassing sort of way.  I have a few specific goals for the year to add to the general list I found
I would love to try at least one new recipe a month... just to keep things fun and a little interesting. (I guess I can check that off my list for January with the chocolate chips cookies)
Next, I would like our family to try one new restaurant each month (or so)...sometimes we get into a rut, and trying new and different things can be fun, especially if we are all doing it together.  I think it helps my kids broaden their horizons too. They like to stick to the familiar, the comfortable stand-by, but I think this will be an absolutely worthwhile adventure. I am totally up for this challenge.
Un-food related, I really want to tackle our master bedroom.  I think it's all that wallpaper, just so much of it.  I cringe thinking of the hours I know it will take to remove it, but I also know how much happier I'd be to get that room finished...ugh... if not for any other reason than getting this "master bedroom" off my goal list... I really hope to get moving on that front.
Lastly, I want to send more mail, more written correspondence. (I would love for my kids to do this too--maybe even get pen pals)  Our family has so many great friends that live far away, or far enough away that sending a note is a great way to keep in touch... it's so easy to get whisked away in the business of being busy...I want to make a deliberate effort to take time to say hello...the old-fashioned way. 

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