Friday, January 10, 2014

Recycling: Vintage Kitchen Wreath

Recycling my stairway holiday ribbons, onto a kitchen wreath took almost no time at all.  If you would like to make your own kitchen wreath, it's the perfect time of year, since most wreath forms are deeply discounted.
  This wreath has taken many different forms over the years and has been re-worked a time or two.  Originally, it was a gift from my aunt, it was all wired onto a grapevine form... I've taken a few pieces off and added a few pieces...but it is still essentially the same wreath. It's been plain for awhile now, so I thought I would dress it up for Valentine's Day ... it needed a little something extra... 
 If you plan to make one for your very own, chooses chippie paint, vintage or antique kitchen utensils.  These are easy to come by in antique malls, flea markets and yard sales.  This wreath has about 15 or so pieces, including a wooden spoon, cookie cutters, a pastry blender, and a tea strainer.  I like to work in the same color palette, so this wreath is mostly silver, wood and red painted handles. (I spy two green handles too)
  Using fine gauge wire and wire cutters, affix the vintage kitchen utensils around the wreath...there are no rules so if you don't like where you place an item, you can move it to a better spot.
Finally...add your ribbon... it can be tucked in and around the wreath or add just a bow...or none at all...I use ribbon that I love.  I chose to recycle mine and add a splash of red, perfect of Valentine's Day plus it's cheery too.

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