Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm New Here.

Getting Started (again) 

I did give it a half-hearted try once before, 
back in the spring of 2011...
(I left my original posts as proof). 

 I am resolving to give it another whirl...
taking yet another...
 hopefully longer...
spin through the blogosphere.  
This time I am not necessarily more prepared, 
except I have a better camera and a little more free time.
I am still not what I would consider computer savvy, 
but I hope to learn as I go…at least that’s the plan.

I have some wonderful and very 
encouraging friends and neighbors. 
 Whenever we get together, I hear the same song 
“Why, Oh why are you NOT blogging?!”
I don’t have a good answer.  

Maybe my many photos of holiday table
 settings or pie crusts will find a more comfortable home here.

Hopefully, this "new and improved" blog of mine will
 be an outlet for all my creative juices that truly runneth over.
I hope that I can share, teach and give 
back some of the joy that I have found in making our house a home. 
I’m not sure about “Blue Ribbon Kitchen” as the perfect
 title that neatly sums up all I want to share.
 This big beautiful mess of creativity got started in the kitchen, 
so I guess that’s as good a place as any for me to begin.

A little about me:

 I really am an award winning baker. 
It all happened quite accidentally. 
I think a 2011 post covers that in great detail.  
This photo is from just this past summer 2013, 
during the hot, humid heat of a Midwestern July. 
This turned out to be my 59th, first place blue ribbon
 and also my 10th best of show ribbon in 6 years.   
I thought the least I could do is show you the winning cake...
Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting 

This cake is incredibly easy, tastes fabulous...definitely a keeper!

Spiced Pumpkin Cake detail; molded candy pumpkin with autumn leaves 

This is my family. 

They are a HUGE part of who I am and why I put so 
much effort into holidays, birthdays, and every day.
 I hope my children grow up to have beautiful memories
 of their childhood.
I am very excited to get started and 
I have SO much to share…
I think I am most looking forward to our next get 
together with friends, when I can say… about that blog… “I did it!”

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