Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Three Cheers for All-American Cherry-Berry Cheesecake !!

Three cheers for cheesecake!!

She can leap over tall desserts in a single bound...

She creates sweet smiles wherever she goes...

Look, It's a cake...

No, It's a Pie, ... Wait...

It's: All-American Cherry-Berry Cheesecake!!

She's not really a superhero...
But you'll certainly feel like one when you
unveil her patriotic beauty this July 4th!!

Speaking of super heroes...

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seeing IS Believing: Thrift Store Saves

I bet you need some proof...
I know I always do.

I don't
believe everything I read...
or everything I hear.

 I learned this lesson
 when I was six years old.

It all started when I
saw a commercial on T.V. for crackers.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Star Spangled Dessert: Lemon Berry Trifle

It's summer...

...and I am so super-excited
that the weather has warmed up...
We are ready.

It's all red, white and 
amazing around here...

We are gearing up for my 
very favorite holiday... 

Independence Day...

The perfect star-spangled,
 do-it-yourself  kind of day, 
Americana, flag-waving, parades, 
delicious picnic food and no gifts!!

Can I get a hip-hip hooray on that one... 

Yay!! No gifts to buy, not a one... 

Just some super-cute red, white and blue desserts, 
favors and treats to pass out...

We can all celebrate, kick back and relax...

Can a person have too much holiday spirit... ??  
Too much patriotism??

I think not!!

Are you decorating?? 
Planning a BBQ??
 Having a a little Fourth of July fun??

This is as easy as it gets for a patriotic, 
summertime dessert.... 

I can't wait to show you all the fun
Red, White and Fabulous
things I've been working on!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nifty Thrifty United States...

I can still sing them...every one.

...and in alphabetical order too.

All fifty,  ...from Alabama to Wyoming.

(Are you totally impressed yet??)
(I didn't think so)

The Fifty Nifty United States...

It's a little song I learned in the third grade
for a holiday assembly.  
Whew, did I ever have to work hard 
to learn all those states...

the lyrics have stuck with me ...
after all these many years...
What a lucky turn of events for my family...ha.

Knowing all the states in alphabetical order 
has proven to be 
quite impressive...
to a very few select individuals: 
For instance, 
my own children...seem amused when I begin my tune
 and will occasionally ask for a quick run-through, 
although I suspect it may be because they are doing 
homework and need an answer.

 My sweet husband... (He is quite supportive...overall,
so it's hard to tell where my nifty song singing might 
rank with him... let's not ask him)

It has also helped me to correctly answer a
few Jeopardy questions
 over the years... 
which impressed me... 
and only me, very briefly.

Fifty states... 
and guess what all 50 states have in common???  
Probably quite a lot...but you might not
think of this one:

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Father's Day Dessert Ideas on FOX19 S'MORES

Hello June!!  

...and just like that we are off and 
running --a brand new month is here!!

Oh, June,
I do hope we can slow the pace down a bit...
May had me on my toes...sprinting!

You'll never guess what caused 
me to burn some of our dinner last night...

hint:  It's in the photo below.