Hello and welcome...  
It is so nice that you stopped by
Blue Ribbon Kitchen.
 I'm thrilled you are here.

I'm Karri Perry...
Yes, it's true, my name really rhymes... 
 I get asked about my rhyming name every day, 
sometimes a few times a day... 
...it just depends on the day. 

This is my family.
No, we are not related to any famous Perry's --like Katy, 
William "the refrigerator",
 or the Platypus...
...and yes, I have really been asked about all of the above...

What is the Blue Ribbon Kitchen BLOG all about? 
Well, Blue Ribbon Kitchen is about all of the
 little things that I love so much from my everyday life. 
 Sometimes it will be about baking, crafts or holiday decorations
 and other times it will be about furniture makeovers
 or discovering the very best local and Midwestern destinations...

I love celebrating our life together,
 making the most of the big and the small moments 
 we discover along the way,
...finding a way to make the every-day special while
making memories and creating lasting family traditions.

The blog will always be about 
our adventures, hobbies, décor, 
celebrations and recipes
 I love most and enjoy dabbling in.

My decorating philosophy:

I believe that home is an extension of who you are.
 Making your home comfortable, 
beautiful, functional and authentically you is 
sometimes easier than you think.  
I'm a big believer in making the most of everything....  
I love visiting thrift shops, antique stores and flea markets
 for one-of-a-kind finds. 
 I usually have a number of projects "on deck"
  at any given time in our garage... 
there's nothing quite like transforming something old and 
worn out into something useful and beautiful.  

I prefer "new to me" over brand new, most of the time...
I like furniture and artwork that tells a story and has a history. 
  I've found that living well and enjoying life at home 
doesn't have to cost a fortune... 

This is the place we call home, a yellow colonial
 style home in the heart of the Midwest. 
We have (and continue to) lovingly update one room at a time.
  Our house was filled with many wonderful opportunities, 
mostly involving miles and miles of 1980's wallpaper...

I have tried to embrace each area of the house
 and have really worked to make it our own.
 We still have a little further to go...and while 
I am never short on ideas, in fact,
I often have the opposite problem of having far 
too many good ideas.
 (Oh, the agony of making the best decorating decisions)  
Paint chips, fabric swatches...there really can be
too many good choices sometimes.

Blue Ribbon Kitchen...

Why the name??

Winning the 2009 Ohio State Fair, first place and Best of Show!!
Peach pie
I LOVE a great recipe. 
 I often tweak even very excellent recipes...
I guess I believe that somehow
I can improve on everything...  
I especially love baking... 
(the inspiration for "Blue Ribbon Kitchen") 
Here I am at the 2013 county fair
This was a remarkable day, 
winning my 10th Best of Show ribbon... 
and my 60th first place ribbon 
Competing at the fair has become 
a hobby over the years too.  
I've made so many wonderful friends there 
and met some exceptionally talented bakers and chefs.

2014 Update:  
What a fabulous summer we had. 
 I set a rather lofty goal for myself a few years ago. 

 I wondered...

"Could I possibly win the "first place" AND 
"best of show" 
ribbons for both the cake and pie divisions
in the same year.... ???" 

Well, you guessed it... 
I did win both divisions in the same year. 
 It was so much fun accomplishing what I had set out to do.

2015 Update:

In March 2015 I was selected as 
a winner of  NBC's TODAY Show Pi-Day contest...
So exciting...and quite an honor...

In the fall 2015, 
I had the privilege of teaching a baking
 class as part of the 
"Blue Ribbon Baking Team"
I taught along side a baking competitor...
 and dear friend...and his lovely wife, 
who created the successful OSUe  
Blue Ribbon Baking Series of Classes
offered by Ohio State University extension of Butler County.

At the 2015 fairs:
6 new blue ribbons were added this year
 for: carrot cake, apple pie, cherry pie, 
key lime pie, and strawberry jam and preserves!

If you are keeping track, 
the count is now:
 77 blue ribbons 
and 13 Best of Show ribbons.
...since 2007.

In April, 2016, I was thrilled to be invited 
to be a speaker and presenter
at the Fine Foods Show of the 
Cincinnati Horticultural Society's 2016 Flower Show.

After a busy 2016 fair season, 
I'm happy to report 88 first-place finishes to date!!
including winning the
 2016 Gold Medal Flour Cookie Contest at the Ohio State Fair!

Fall 2016, 2017, and Spring & Fall 2018 I had the pleasure of presenting
 at the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

If you have never been...I highly recommend it...
(if you love shopping, food and fun vintage finds)
it's a great time and there are 
a few blog posts detailing
all the fun the CL fairs have to offer.

2017 Update:
What an outstanding fair season 
with 11 first place
including two Best of Shows!! 
Best of Show Yeast Breads and Quick Breads!!

The local fair brought me to 99 blue ribbons...
(so very close...)

Off to the 2017 Ohio State Fair...
I needed just one more win to reach
the 100 blue ribbons during my 10th year of baking.
...Could I do it??

 We did it!!
This is one very happy and very tired baker...

Win 100 with my favorite pecan pie!!
...and for good measure... 
I added an extra blue ribbon, 
reaching 101 wins with a 
Triple Berry Pie.  
Whew...that was a close one!

2018 Fair Season: 
I added 12 additional blue ribbons 3 Best of Show Ribbons!!

Best of Show: Ohio State Fair-Yeast Breads: Cheddar Cheese Bread
Best of Show Butler County Fair- Pie: Banana Cream Pie
Best of Show Butler County Fair-Preserves; Strawberry Jam

2019 Fair Season:
I earned 9 brand new blue ribbons and 2 Best of Show awards!

A Best of Show Pie at the Ohio State Fair: Blackberry Pie
Blackberry Jam Cake was awarded Best of Show at the Butler County Fair.

That brings us to 122 blue ribbons and 20 Best of Show wins.

and...that brings us to today...
Get all of the award-winning recipes 
here on the blog.

And...finally you can catch recipe
 segments on FOX19 in Cincinnati!!
I'll be on the first Thursday of every month!!

That's a little bit about me and my blog. 
Thank you so much for taking the time to read
 Blue Ribbon Kitchen.

I am so happy that you do!!

Wishing you the very best,



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa! I appreciate you stopping by the blog!!

  2. Dear Karri

    I apologize for the blog into but I didn’t know how else to contact you.

    My name is Carrie Walters and I am the Culinary Director & Executive Chef of Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton Ohio. Our friends at Edible Magazine suggested that I check out your blog. I love it!

    I am finishing up our Culinary School's summer schedule and starting to book early dates for Fall classes. We have a bunch of folks interested in learning how to bake and I think it would be so cool to feature you at our Culinary Center.

    We would love to have you come and and share some of your baking skills with our customers who want to learn and have fun while rolling up their sleeves. We have a large social media presence and would love to highlight your blog etc. It’s a great way to promote what you are up to plus get to meet some DLM customers who I am sure would love to get to know you. We do all the shopping, prepping and clean up and most of classes go from 6-8:30 pm. We also will pay you for your time. You can check out what classes we have by visiting our link at http://www.dorothylane.com/CulinaryCenter/ or drop by our Washington Square location and ask for me or our Culinary Center manager, Peggy Neary.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    Carrie Walters

    Chef Carrie Walters

    Culinary Director

    Dorothy Lane Market

    6177 Far Hills Ave

    Dayton OH 45459


  3. Hi IM from Puerto Rico and Will try making your carrot cake.I love baking and cooking as a hobby.

  4. Dear Karri,

    Congratulations for a wonderful gift that God has giving you, it is amazing transforming everything into delicious blessing. I just baked your banana bread and will be giving it away as Christmas token to friends, it is amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing and hope one day to be able to meet you when we visit Ohio.