Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A is for Apple... First Place Apple Pie!! | Thanksgiving Prep

I am seriously feeling like it CANNOT be mid-November...
How is this all happening so fast??

Here we are...just 8 days away from Thanksgiving...
I'm feeling a mid-September vibe. calendar keeps telling me I'm wrong... very wrong.

The yard looks like November.
...but my dining room...

...not Thanksgiving ready yet!! 8 days...
We. will. get. there.

My internal's not keeping up with the pace of the days
as they shuffle by me... 

I LOVE Thanksgiving...I do.
It's a great big fun family day...
  and also a ton of work...but I love it just the same.

If you need a little nudge...*(like me) to get on with 
the Thanksgiving plans... well this post is for you!!

I was looking through my recipes...
and I am pretty sure I never posted a simple- no frills...
 apple pie...

Just in time for Thanksgiving... I give you...

Fist Place Apple Pie. (Recipe is at the bottom of the post)

I am also re-sharing all
my very BEST
Thanksgiving readiness posts...
If you need help with pie dough, decorating 
or keeping the kids busy... this is for you!!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

For Late Bloomers Everywhere | First Place Apple Cranberry Pie | GF Apple Walnut Cake

Several weeks ago we visited a local
apple orchard.

First time pickers here!!!

I felt like I needed to wear a button on 
my shirt "First Time Apple-Picker"...
proudly announcing my 
late arrival to this new and wonderful 
world of apples, fresh and juicy
 falling right into our hands, directly from 
the branches.

When I shared with a friend that 
I had never been apple picking before...
Well...she was shocked... utterly shocked!!  

"How does someone like 
you NEVER go apple picking ...until now!???"
 she exclaimed.  
"You need to get yourself to 
the orchard...this season...!" she said.

She was right. 
How had I missed this 
amazing fall tradition?? (until now)

Because, yes, ...I've been to many a farm 
...and I have picked
fruits and vegetables of all kinds...right form the fields...
strawberries, blueberries, peaches and cherries...
blackberries, pumpkins, tomatoes, corn...
Even picking and harvesting 
from my own little backyard garden...
But apparently, I have been
missing out on some of the best
U-pick action around:

Apple Picking!!!

This whole apple picking business... 
it ranks right up there with all
the other activities that
 I have come to discover,
 well after the masses
knew they were awesome... FM radio...

Yes, that's right... 
for a very long time I had no idea about FM radio. 

100% no idea, at all.

Zero inkling about pop music... none.

 How could this happen??