Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Star Spangled Dessert: Lemon Berry Trifle

It's summer...

...and I am so super-excited
that the weather has warmed up...
We are ready.

It's all red, white and 
amazing around here...

We are gearing up for my 
very favorite holiday... 

Independence Day...

The perfect star-spangled,
 do-it-yourself  kind of day, 
Americana, flag-waving, parades, 
delicious picnic food and no gifts!!

Can I get a hip-hip hooray on that one... 

Yay!! No gifts to buy, not a one... 

Just some super-cute red, white and blue desserts, 
favors and treats to pass out...

We can all celebrate, kick back and relax...

Can a person have too much holiday spirit... ??  
Too much patriotism??

I think not!!

Are you decorating?? 
Planning a BBQ??
 Having a a little Fourth of July fun??

This is as easy as it gets for a patriotic, 
summertime dessert.... 

I can't wait to show you all the fun
Red, White and Fabulous
things I've been working on!!

For this Lemon Berry Trifle recipe
I made my first video... 
and I am pretty sure I can do a whole lot better...
(way to keep your expectations high...right??)

I used an old app my kids
downloaded years ago to make stop motion videos 
during a freezing cold week of endless snow days...
(I think they were off for an entire week)

I'm sure I need to upgrade
my video making app...
But in the meantime,

I have this lovely attempt:

The recipe follows, so be sure to
get all the ingredients
and you 
can be queen or king
of the patriotic desserts
in no time at all...
It will seriously look
like you spent all day...
(And guess what... 20 minutes... tops!!)
and bonus, the kids can help...
It's so easy if they are school-aged, they
very well could make it themselves!!

In other news...
I just signed up for way too many
entries in our beautiful Ohio State Fair.


I am so ambitious when I am
not exhausted from
baking my little heart out.

I'll be signing a different tune the week of 
the fair.

Here's the thing... 
If I don't sign up... I can't
change my mind later...

So... I better get a plan together 
before the fair

And if you can even believe it... 
I might be tweaking 
my pie crust...

Do I dare do it???

I sure am getting brave these days,
must be the summer heat...

Next Friday is Fox 19 Friday...
I am planning patriotic recipe segments

So this fun Lemon Berry Trifle Recipe 
will be on display NEXT Friday...
you can catch me on the 9:45
 and 10:45 AM recipe segments.

I am usually on the first 
Friday of every month,
however,  it would be too
to go on right after the
amazing-ness of all the 
Red, White and Blue possibilities...
So I tweaked that too...
--the schedule.

I'll see you on Friday, June 30th...
One deep sided bowl or trifle dish
A pound cake-store bought is fine
1 box-mini vanilla wafer cookies
lemon pudding-one box-instant or cooked (small box) is fine
lemon curd-store bought or homemade
sweetened whipped cream-freshly made
1 container each of rinsed 
and strawberries-sliced

Cut the pound cake into 1 inch thick slices.
Cut out star shapes using a cookie cutter if desired, reserving scraps.
Cut pound cake into cubes.
Make the pudding-set aside 
if using cooked lemon pudding, let cool and chill before assembling trifle.
Make whipped cream-set aside

Begin by putting a few pieces of pound cake into the bottom of the dish.
Add a pudding layer
Add a generous layer of berries-mixed
Add a layer of cookies
Add a layer of lemon curd and then a layer of whipped cream.
Continue to fill the dish with additional layers of  pound cake, berries, pudding, curd, cookies and whipped cream.  
If using star shaped pound cake cut outs, place those shapes around side of the dish... (as seen in the video above)
Cover and refrigerate for 12-24 hours, then serve and enjoy!!

Do watch the video above for fun details

I still need to decide on my second recipe segment...
If you have any great ideas, 
be sure to leave them in the comments section.

Do you need more 
patriotic inspiration??

A cherry pie is perfect for the Fourth... 
Get the recipe here: Cherry Pie Recipe

How about a firecracker favor!?

Oh my goodness, these are so 

much fun to make... and here's the thing..

July 4th

 is a non-gift holiday...
(which is why I LOVE it so much... that, and
I am a flag-waving patriot...)
The unexpectedness of a favor,
that's what makes these little treats so much fun...
It's so unexpected. and sweet when you pass them out...
Kids, grandparents...
they love a super-cute, handmade treat!!!

 Find out how to make them, 

How's your garden growing??
My garden seems to be running a few weeks
behind this year...

Let's just say we had a  
small rabbit issue...
which seems to have cleared up 
after I did some creative 
fencing off...

(Those rabbits, they are so darn cute,
 but Wow, do they eat a lot
of tiny seedlings... )

I will just have to enjoy this photo for a few more weeks
...until my 2017 tomatoes get going!!

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xo  Karri

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