Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nifty Thrifty United States...

I can still sing them...every one.

...and in alphabetical order too.

All fifty,  ...from Alabama to Wyoming.

(Are you totally impressed yet??)
(I didn't think so)

The Fifty Nifty United States...

It's a little song I learned in the third grade
for a holiday assembly.  
Whew, did I ever have to work hard 
to learn all those states...

the lyrics have stuck with me ...
after all these many years...
What a lucky turn of events for my family...ha.

Knowing all the states in alphabetical order 
has proven to be 
quite impressive...
to a very few select individuals: 
For instance, 
my own children...seem amused when I begin my tune
 and will occasionally ask for a quick run-through, 
although I suspect it may be because they are doing 
homework and need an answer.

 My sweet husband... (He is quite supportive...overall,
so it's hard to tell where my nifty song singing might 
rank with him... let's not ask him)

It has also helped me to correctly answer a
few Jeopardy questions
 over the years... 
which impressed me... 
and only me, very briefly.

Fifty states... 
and guess what all 50 states have in common???  
Probably quite a lot...but you might not
think of this one:

Thrift stores.  

Can you believe that was really my answer??
I know right?? 100% anticlimactic.

The common thread could have been
 anything better than that?? 
Rivers, State Capitals... State Foods...State Fairs...

I'm really serious. 
 Thrift stores, yep.

Every state has thrift stores!!
 Super nifty ones.

Some are total junk shops...
 some are snooty-ish and higher end...
But, friends... nonetheless, they are thrift stores and
they are out there --everywhere, and they are awesome
places for finding great treasures.

I'm starting a "thing" here on the blog... 
"Thrift Store Thursday"

Every Thursday or almost every Thursday

we will take a look at an item found
and then transformed!
(With the exception of 2 pitchers, 
everything was thrift store/auction purchased, I refinished the hutch)

I'm hoping to create a little more structure for myself...
While it isn't a new recipe... many of the serving pieces,
cake stands and beautiful table settings
 --even some of my very favorite fine china
--all of it-- discovered... unearthed... 
while treasure hunting at
local thrift shops.  It's a past time that I love 
and I feel compelled to share it with you...

I find soooo many wonderful
 things at the thrift store.  
(A great spot to find old Ball-Mason Jars=thrift stores)

And yes, I know, thrifting is NOT for everyone.  I get that.

It wasn't always for me either.
The centerpiece vase, stemware, glasses and napkins--all from a thrift store.

I can remember being mortified as a kid, 
(probably about the time I was 
memorizing my states in alphabetical order)
 whenever my parents suggested we stop at the
 occasional Goodwill store...
I can remember begging:
 "Please don't make me go in..." 
 As a kid, that was the absolute worst outing.
The blue medicine guessed it...

  I was so embarrassed and grossed out by the look
 of the place, as well as the smells...
Why do they all seem to have that same smell??  
Even after all these years they 
smell the exact same... 
 Oh well... some things never change...
But least I've changed and 
my shopping tastes have changed too....

I have outgrown all of the junk shop aversions
 I may have once had.  
I look forward to any and all thrift store visits... 
which can and do include: 
garage sales, flea markets, antique shops, auctions,
 bargain barns.... the less fussy and out of the way
the BETTER!  I will show you what
 I find and how I use it, transform it and LOVE it!  
Maybe you will be inspired to save a little 
money and find a treasure or two to love!
The vanity/desk, crocks, and the cloche cake stand...yep-thrift store.
(I made-over the desk)

It's definitely not for my husband...
 he cannot stand thrift shops... he literally has
a physical reaction to entering some stores... 
It's not for him and that's ok.
(He can wait in the car...which I have to say, 
he is a very patient man...and thank you honey 
for all the times you stopped...
just so I could take a quick look)
(yes, the hutch, candle sticks and the vase--all thrifted)

We certainly cannot cover all the in's and 
out of thrifting... in this one blog post...

So... here are a few beginning guidelines.

A Few Thrifting Do's and Don'ts

1. Know Your Budget.  Not everything at a thrift store is a bargain or right for you.  Know what it is you are looking for and what you are willing to pay.  If you don't find the right item at the right price... Wait for another day my friend.  

2. Cash is Best.  Bring cash to help you to keep track of what you are actually spending.  Cash is what works best when shopping flea markets, tag sales and garage sales.  Sometimes a dealer will make a better deal for a cash transaction, rather than with a credit card.

3. Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes.  I carry both.  Remember you can't un-touch some things... which is doubly true for my kids... be choosy about what you pick up and know that ugly surprises can be lurking... I always use extra care when looking through cutlery and kitchen utensils.  Sounds like good times, right??

4. Common Sense.  I never purchase anything I cannot wash, or have professionally cleaned.  I do not purchase any personal items/clothing, including hats.  (Maybe this makes me a fair-weather thrifter, but I just can't do it... too risky for this shopper)

5.  Buy ONLY what you LOVE.  Always stick to your style or to items that speak to you.  It's ok to put a "maybe" item in your cart while you think it over.  Thrifter's know, items they loved, but passed on, are sometimes the missed opportunities that haunt them... Before you say it... yes, you can't buy it all... but do stay in your lane and buy only what really speaks to you.

As we travel along each Thursday, I hope you will share your
 own tips and fabulous thrifting finds too.
If you have a great find, post it in the comments!!

Just in case you want to learn and memorize all fifty states, I found 
the song just for you:Fifty Nifty United States Song

...You still have time to learn all the states before
July 4th!!  Impress your friends!!

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