Saturday, July 5, 2014

FIRECRACKERS: Favors for July 4th!!

Our July 4th was fantastic.  The weather was just 
e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I would choose,...if I were in charge of choosing the weather...  Cool, breezy, sunny and 72 degrees with little white, wispy clouds aloft, it was absolutely perfect for a Fourth of July kind of day.
The kiddos had an amazing time at a community gathering to celebrate Independence Day... 
I changed the settings on my camera... and tried my hand at capturing the fireworks at night.  I took just a handful good pictures out of the many I snapped. I think using a tripod would have helped my cause tremendously.  At any rate, it was fun experimenting with my camera, and I learned a few things I definitely will try out next time.  The fireworks and the music were tremendous, a great ending to a wonderful birthday party for the USA.
This is what the Fourth of July is all about for me, enjoying my family and seeing it through my children's eyes.
Earlier in the day I made my kiddos a Fourth of July treat.  They recently discovered the delicious goodness of Rolos.  They had somehow overlooked the caramel and chocolate treats all these years until a few weeks ago, and  WOW, they were a big hit.  If I recall correctly... there was even a heated debate over who should AND would get the very last Rolo left in the package.  
For fun, I fashioned our new packages of Rolos into firecracker favors using scrap crafting paper and a few sparkle pipe cleaners. These turned out to looking more like an old fashioned bottle rockets...  Very cute and very in-keeping with the holiday. In no time at all, they had a festive treat, and this time, they each got their very own roll...there will certainly be no fighting this time.
My supplies:
 I secured the pipe cleaners to the candy, first bending them in half to make four streamers.
 I then rolled the paper around the cand and taped it.
Make a topper ( like a party hat-cone shaped).  Tape it to the top of the candy.
Curl the pipe cleaners using a pencil or your finger.
 Bend the streamers in different directions so it looks as if it's moving.
These would be great as party favors for a crowd... easy enough for the kids to assemble too!

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