Monday, April 11, 2016

Let's Dance!! ...and then have some Peanut Butter Pie!

It seems Mother Nature is dragging her feet a little...
(We woke up to 1 inch of snow over the weekend)

Maybe she has a very good reason...

I'll have to just guess about what her reasons are...

I, on the other hand, 

have not been dragging my feet...although

 it may if I have been.

I promise.... I'm not.

 I did gasp a little when I looked at the date of my last post.
(sorry for the delay...but I have been busy doing so much)

No foot dragging here, no sir,

 it's more of a quick step, 

fast paced dance...

The life

of being a busy mom and wife... 

I'm not sure it's entirely graceful... 

but it's moving swiftly... I'm still standing...

kinda, sort-of dancing...

and truthfully,

taking the time to soak up life 
and really live it, often 
gives me the inspiration to 
write and create blog posts... 

So to catch up on life lately and to read 
some really BIG NEWS... keep reading a little more.

Even if you're not too excited by my news, there
is a scrumptious recipe at the end for this...
A Peanut Butter Mousse Pie...
It's totally worth getting the recipe... 
(I promise)

 I recently...(just before Easter), 
had the honor of teaching a baking class.
I shared the carrot cake was so much fun... 
I loved every minute of it!!
(Those are not "real" carrots... they are handmade candy carrots!!...
I'll be teaching carrot cake class again in October)

Our family celebrated a lovely Easter...
on a very unseasonably warm 
springlike day.  No complaints.

There was plenty of egg hunting...

... We sat in our rabbit eared chairs!!

I made this for dessert... 
it's a peanut butter mousse pie with 
a brownie bottom crust...  
...the other pie was a GF Lemon Meringue pie.
The Peanut Butter Pie recipe will be at the end of this post... 
and bonus --it's gluten free... and absolutely delicious... all of our guests agreed!!
double bonus--it's easy to make!!
I'm getting ready to speak about 
pie dough and all
the best tips to baking success...
at the 
2016 Cincinnati Horticultural Society's Flower Show 
Fine Foods Show
this upcoming Saturday, April 16
(Tent 17)

I'll be there, Saturday at 2pm!!
Making  this...

Springtime=Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!!

Attendees can get the full printed recipe...
ask questions...get answers
and maybe even try a sample... limited quantities available.

The 2016 CHS Flower Show is 
running all week Wednesday-Sunday
 All day Saturday (9am-7pm)
and it's going to be gorgeous!!!

For more details, including a full listing of events and hours 
if you would like to attend and need tickets 
click here: 

And finally...
I am super excited to share that I will
soon be teaching baking classes
at Dorothy Lane Market!!

Dorothy Lane Market is a locally owned,
amazing... truly-fabulous 
well-known gourmet supermarket
in Dayton, Ohio.

I discovered DLM a few years ago...
I was oh, so excited and also a little sad all at once...

I was overjoyed at this new, 
unbelievable shopping experience...
truly... if you have not been, you must go.

The sad part...?
Well, I was sad that it had taken me so long to discover it...
How ever did I live here and not know
about this gem?!

Luckily, our delayed first meeting
has had no ill-effect on our future relationship... 
I'm a super huge fan of DLM
and all three of it's locations!! 

Yes... I really went to all three locations
 with my kids the summer 
after discovering Dorothy Lane Market...
I loaded up the kiddos and we checked them out...
each one...
like a foodie field-trip.   

Fast forward a few years...  to now...
and I could not be more excited to 
work with the amazing folks at
the DLM Culinary Center!!
(Here I am at the Washington Square location, which houses the Culinary Center)

The class list with 
Blue Ribbon Kitchen Classes
 will be available
very soon on their website.  

My first class will be Margarita Key Lime Pie...
June 28, 2016
It's a fabulous summertime pie...
and it was the winner of the NBC TODAY Show pie contest!!
Remember this pie?? 

...all the class details, including future classes into December
will be listed on the DLM Class website.

To learn more about Dorothy Lane Market

So much news...

so much dancing...

That was a heck of a 
lot of dancing...wasn't it??!!

....back to our Easter promised.

It's one of those super decadent desserts that 
happens to be gluten free and pretty easy to make... 

It doesn't taste gluten free, which makes it a huge WIN!!
It's not like one of those desserts that someone says 
"Oh, it's GF and you'll never be able to tell... and  usually... you can tell!!  

This is a keeper!!

I'm a BIG believer in serving the same food 
when it comes to dietary restrictions or 
food allergies whenever possible...  

I try my best to find a recipe or to create something
  that meets the needs of everyone...  
When all the guests share in the same menu, 
it feels inclusive 
and not restricted or unfair.
(I think  it's always best to try to make 
things even especially for our littlest guests)

...and this peanut butter mousse pie is a 
dessert that will keep everyone happy!!


Click Here: 
Printable Peanut Butter Pie recipe

1 package King Arthur GF Brownies
(You can make GF brownies from scratch, if you like)
Heavy Whipping Cream- 1 Cup
Sugar 1 TBS
Vanilla 1 tsp
tiny pinch of salt

Cream Cheese 1 brick-softened
Confectioner's Sugar 1 Cup
Peanut Butter 1 Cup
Reese's Cups-original  (6) chopped

***Using one package of King Arthur GF Brownies
Make according to package instructions....
 Fill a lightly greased,10 inch spring-form pan with brownie batter.
Bake according to directions on box, (mine baked for 37 minutes)
Let brownies cool in the pan.

After brownies are cooled...
Using a hand mixer:
In a medium bowl
1 Cup of heaving whipping cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 TBS sugar
tiny pinch of salt
Beat on medium and then high,
 until it's light and airy whipped cream
4-6 minutes
Set aside.

In a large bowl
Mix (no need to change or clean off the beaters)
1 - 8 ounce brick of softened cream cheese
beat until light and smooth -2 minutes
1 cup of confectioner's sugar
mix until combined.
1 cup of creamy GF peanut butter.
(I used Jiff...I am not sure how all-natural butters would do)
Mix until just combined.

Gently fold in the whipped cream using 
a rubber spatula
until no streaks of 
white are visible.

Fold in 6 chopped Reese's cups
(Be sure to read the label, original Reese's 
 cups are labeled GF as of this printing 2016)

Pour the peanut butter mixture over
the cooled brownies.
Spread the mixture all the way to the edges.
Gently tap the pan on the counter three times
to remove any excess air pockets.

Refrigerate the Peanut Butter Mousse Pie
for 24 hours before serving for best results.

Remove spring form from around the pan and serve
in wedge shapes.

For decoration I melted 
GF chocolate chips, put them in a piping bag and poured 
them into a bunny mold, 
let set and then placed them on top of the dessert.

**The bunnies were for Easter...For other occasions
you could easily make chocolate stars,
flowers, or other holiday/seasonal shapes.

See... This was SO worth the extra reading... ALL that great news...
and a bonus GF-AWESOME, super delicious, kid-friendly recipe.

 I  think I hear some music... It must be time to put on my dancing shoes...

I'll be here dancing... making practice strawberry rhubarb anticipation for 
the big Flower Show on Saturday!!  

If you go, stop by and say hello!!

Thanks so much for reading...I'm so happy you do.
I'll try not to be away so long this time.


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