Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vintage Kitchen Tool Wreath

With no shortage of vintage kitchen tools... 
Adding a touch of farmhouse-inspired 
decor only takes a few minutes...

Sometimes imperfect,
 one-of-a-kind things are much better than brand new and shiny... 
...perhaps a little bit like me.
I'm not an antique, just yet... but I'm working on it...

Maybe that's where my affection for vintage treasures comes from... 
I have a special place in my heart for all things "antique"...  
This wreath is special..
 all those old kitchen tools have a story to tell... 
experience and know-how... 
If these vintage kitchen tools could talk... 
I bet they would have some recipes to share...
 This particular wreath has taken many different forms 
over the years and has 
been re-worked a time or two.  

Originally, this wreath was a gift from my aunt, 
it was all wired onto a grapevine wreath form...
 I've taken a few pieces off and added a few pieces...
 If you plan to make one for your very own, 
choose chippy paint, 
vintage or antique kitchen utensils.  
These are easy to come by in antique malls, flea markets and yard sales.  
This wreath has about 15 or so pieces,
 including a wooden spoon, cookie cutters, a pastry blender,
and a tea strainer. 

 I like to work in the same color palette, 
so this wreath is mostly silver, wood and red painted handles. 
(I spy two green handles too)

  Using fine gauge wire and wire cutters, 
affix the vintage kitchen utensils around the wreath...
there are no rules so if you don't like where you 
place an item, you can move it to a better spot.
Finally...add your ribbon... 
it can be tucked in and around the wreath or 
add just a bow...or none at all...


  1. wow, I have all of these tools up on top of my kitchen cabinets, in yellow ware bowls for display! What a fun idea, regardless of season. I am definitely taking off the tops, dusting 'em and attaching to a wreath! I have all the other tools too, including red checked wired burlap ribbon! Thanks for the great idea & happy new year.

  2. So clever and vintage-y! Visiting from Hometalk.

  3. Hi Robert,
    My current favorite (and I have many) is the Chicago Metallic Pie Drip Catcher. If you bake pies, it's a game changer. Well designed, smart, and reasonably priced. As far as a favorite vintage tool...?? I think I have to pick the masher... It makes quick work of bananas for prize-winning banana bread! Thanks for the great question!!

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  5. This post is really informative. Thanks for sharing <3