Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turkey Day Scavenger Hunt

I like to have back-up plans...

You know, a good plan B, just in case of...anything... just in case.

I think I would have been an excellent Boy Scout… I love to be prepared!! Next level… prepared in every way…

I will gladly take my "Thanksgiving Readiness" patch now... (Ha)
It may be that I am "over-preparing" for Thanksgiving... just a bit...

Any experienced hostess knows: it's always better to be a little over prepared...than being a little under prepared!!

The truth is, the cousins love to be together.  They make their own fun, they play well with each other...they share... they are a good natured bunch and I really don't need any activities to keep them entertained...
But I can't always help my crafty-self from adding a few "planned" activities...
For Thanksgiving this year, I'm hoping our winter wonderland will have long since melted away and the weather will warm up enough for the kids to get to go outside and do a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.

What you’ll need:
Paper bags
Markers or pencils 
A list of items to be found-you create the list
Some specific items-not found in nature in November:
I “planted” a number of items in the yard, much like an Easter egg hunt.  This task of placing feathers, corn, mini pumpkins or plastic turkeys around the yard is a great job to delegate…

I saw a few similar scavenger hunts on Pinterest and I loved that the lists were printed on paper bags. Genius!
The kids can carry their treasures around and the list is attached... love it.

I personalized our list to match what is available in our yard...as well as a few items I am going to make sure are available for the kids to find.

The plastic turkey picks are cupcake decorations...weather proof and perfect for my game!
I think the kids will get a kick out of this fun activity... I know I will!!

Here’s a starter list for you—make this fun activity your own, add or subtract items and enjoy!! If printing paper bags is too tricky-print the lists and then tape or glue the printed list to the bags-problem solved!!


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