Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Kid in a Candy Store

We had the gift of a day off last week.
So we took the opportunity to visit a little shop I had recently heard about.

It's a candy shop.  

It was a good one.  
 Nestled in the middle of a darling street, behind a red door... 
Candy, sweets and treats galore awaited us!
Patty's Old Fashioned Popcorn in Hyde Park, Ohio

An old fashioned, filled to the rafters with good stuff --kind of store.
For children, there is something magical about being surrounded from floor to ceiling with sweet treats.  Displays of candy sticks taller than even me.  
Shiny glass jars filled with brightly colored candies, in every variety you can imagine...
Good old-fashioned fun for kids of all ages!
Besides offering almost every confection you can think of, they also had --one of my very favorites, popcorn!
Not only did they have a deluxe selection of  popcorn flavors, there was a tasting station! can try all the flavors and decide before you buy!!
My favorite was the the Chop Suey --caramel corn with redskin peanuts and ribbon coconut...yum!
It was charming, and my kids had such a hard time choosing... literally... kids in a candy store...
How will they ever decide??
Luckily, we had a lunch date to get to...
Otherwise, we might still be standing there...
...taste-testing the popcorn and trying to decide on the perfect sweet treat!

For more information visit:

You can find Patty's on Hyde Park Square in Cincinnati, Ohio
3437 Michigan Avenue Cincinnati, Oh 45208

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