Thursday, January 4, 2024

French Bread - Garlic Bread

Karri Perry Recipe for Homemade French Bread:


2 Tablespoons dry active yeast

2 Tablespoons softened butter

2 Tablespoons granulated sugar

2 Tablespoons of oil (olive or vegetable)

3 teaspoons salt

2% milk 1 cup-warmed

Water 1 cup-warmed

5 cups all-purpose flour

In a stand mixer or large bowl with wooden spoon: Place 1 cup of lukewarm milk (2% or whole) AND 1 cup of lukewarm water(not hotter than 110 degrees--or it will kill the yeast)

Let the yeast, liquids and sugar rest in the bowl and begin to activate for 10 minutes.  Yeast mixture will begin to bubble.

Next, add the butter oil, salt and the flour one cup at a time (begin with 4 cups of flour, adding the last cup of flour slowly-until dough is no longer sticky) 

as the mixer is on low speed (or stir, if using a bowl).  When dough pulls away from the bowl, stop mixing, form into a ball, cover, lightly oil with olive oil and let double in size for 1 hour.  After 1 hour, punch down dough and let rest for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into 4 equal amounts.

Form dough into 4 loaves on two-parchment lined baking sheets.  (or you can make two larger loaves)   Let the dough rise, covered for 40 minutes-1 hour, use a buttered piece of plastic wrap so the dough doesn’t get too dry while rising.

Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven, on the lower middle and uper middle racks for 30 minutes or until golden.  Rotate the baking sheets half way through the bake.

Really Good Garlic Bread:


1 stick-softened unsalted butter

2 Tbs mayonnaise 

4 cloves minced garlic

1 Tbs chopped parsley

1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese

1/4 tsp each: salt, pepper, red pepper flakes

*Optional shredded Monterey Jack cheese 3/4 cup

1 French bread loaf sliced horizontally 

Mix ingredients together the first 8 ingredients. Spread the mixture evenly on the cut sides of the bread.

Put loaf (cut sides together) and wrap loaf in foil- bake 15-20 minutes in a 375 degree oven

After 15 minutes, unwrap loaf-leaving loaf in the foil-expose the buttered sides up (add additional cheese if wanting cheesy garlic bread)

Bake open faced bread an additional 10 minutes to crisp up bread.

Cut and serve.

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