Friday, January 14, 2022

Football Jars

Do you throw a Super Bowl party every year? Or maybe you host a football tailgate in the fall… or perhaps you’re throwing a birthday party for a football crazed fan— these football jars are just what your party needs.  An easy craft you can use year after year.  

I use these cute jars every year during the playoffs or Super Bowl—they are a fun way to add height to the table… inexpensive and easy to create.

What you’ll need:

Clear glass jars-canning or recycled pasta jars are great choices.

Brown craft paint

Medical tape-from the first-aid aisle

Scissors and a paint brush

How To:

Using clean, and dry jars, add a good squeeze of brown craft paint.  (A few Tablespoons)

Swirl the paint around, coating the inside of the jar well.  Use the paintbrush to reach any area that needs to be covered.

Allow to dry 24-48 hours.

Cut the medical tape to size, and recreate football stitching on each jar.

Wasn’t that so easy!?  A fun craft that you can use every year or football season.  

This is a craft that would be great for kids to do—I think a scouting troop or a class could have fun making these too!

Perfect for napkins. utensils, even flowers…if using with flowers-insert a waterproof cup-so the brown craft paint isn’t disturbed.

Have a great football party!!

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