Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May's BEST Strawberry Desserts

Ding, Ding, Ding!!

The starting bell of summer has arrived...
or at least my starting
 bell for summer...

Has May been the busiest month

You would never believe all the things that made 
it onto our busy calendar...

If you could see my calendar in the 
('d first need to look past pile 
of dirty dishes in the sink... 
Yes, (Gasp) a sink full of them!!

True Story:
**My neighbors think I never 
have any dirty dishes in my sink...
 We have plenty of dishes
that need attention... plenty)
Please don't let this blog fool you...
I'm certainly not going to 
photograph the mess... 
but trust me...
the dishes...they are there.

So...the reason I know you'd look
 past my pile of dishes... 
... because...
first of all,
you are polite and it's the 
polite thing to do...
but what's more...
 your month of May has probably 
looked a lot like my month of May)

The calendar...the one hanging in the
 cupboard above the sink-load of dishes...
(look away--you're not looking at the dishes, right??)

My calendar is the old-fashioned,
  heavy weight paper, 
that's sectioned into big blocks,
flip to each month...kind of calendar.

Written on each day of May
is where everything that has 
any hope of getting accomplished
 must be marked...
If it is not on my "hard-copy"
...then the event, outing, soiree...
it does not exist...
Am I the only one out there that still 
uses the old paper calendar??

I need this kind of calendar.
I need this calendar 
almost as much as I need an extra 30 minutes
 and a bottle of Dawn...
but that's not what today's post is about...
the dishes will wait for me... they always do.

I love looking at the month in one glance...
and I am old-fashioned...that too is a truth...

May is always  a blur... 
but somehow I find myself
surprised to have had every calendar block filled
...every. single. block.  --every one filled.

Some of the fun included:

Strawberry Season! 

Strawberry season, 
at least in our little neck 
of the woods... is here!  

The weekend, full of 
red-dyed finger tips and sticky lips...
We do need to test-taste our produce...
All responsible strawberry 
connoisseurs know
taste-testing and in the field is
 a necessity of picking 
your own berries right from the patch.

We love going to our favorite field early 
and getting home before
 the day gets too hot.

It's picnic season too...
We had the most glorious weather
 for Memorial Day.

Did I mention how much I LOVE the thrift store...??
I do...I love the thrift store....and she loves me right back...
 ...and on recent trip...I had very good luck...
a vintage picnic basket...

It makes me want to throw down a blanket 
in the backyard for dinner.

I found this darling picnic basket
 on a thrift store adventure in April.

The project got started in May... I had an entire empty 
calendar block so I filled it with this beauty.

I gave it a tiny makeover... 

The very responsible-previous picnic goer/basket owner
 marked their 
basket with their family name using
 a black chunky sharpie marker...
right underneath the lid.  Ugh...
I decided to use a little
 black chalkboard paint to 
"fix" it right up...

A great way to mask anything is chalkboard paint!!

So many great uses for this basket...
A welcome to guests,
A favor basket... Please take one...
A card holder at a chic outdoor
wedding on the gift table...
A utensil holder for a summertime buffet
or...a picnic basket... complete with a menu board ....
I love it...

Be on the lookout for your own basket 
and you can make one too!!

It took 5 dry-time to
 turn the basket into 
a darling party focal point... 

So, with strawberries bursting from our 
gardens and all of the local berry patches...
I thought I would share my favorite strawberry recipes too.
At the bottom of this post you can find 
links to: Strawberry Doughnut Shortcakes, Strawberry Margarita Pie 
and Strawberry Rhubarb Pie...

All of these recipes are delicious ways to use up any 
berries you might happen to have laying around...

This May
We found ourselves in 
beautiful Amish country 
for a quick get-away...
Every bit as pretty as a postcard.

We found the bluebirds...
Probably the same bluebirds that visit our yard 
every early spring on their way to somewhere wonderful...
These must be genius-type birds and it's no
 wonder they don't stick around my yard...
Those bluebirds know exactly where the most
gorgeous fields and countryside are located
... and now I know too...

May also included:
putting on a school festival, 
cheering at the baseball fields;
 both the little league teams and the major league.  
We enjoyed a first semi-formal dance for our girl,
 and ending the school year with awards banquets and 
ceremonies... trips to the amusement park, and singing recitals...
Finally we honored Memorial Day by parading
 through the streets waving top it all off
we made a few batches of strawberry jam.  Whew!!  

No wonder there are dishes in the sink...
there hasn't been any free time
to do the chores!!

May... you are wearing this old girl out!!

I'm going to need a nap.

But...after I take care of these dishes, of course.

Thanks for reading about my adventures,

I am so happy that you do.

Please enjoy these strawberry recipes.

Click Here:
Strawberry Margarita Pie
Strawberry Doughnut Shortcake

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