Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thanksgiving Chandelier and BIG news!

It's not everyday that I use the term 'gussy-up'...

But, that's exactly what I did to my dining room chandelier...

I gussied her right up...

 and she looks ready for a big party...

or a shin-dig of some sort...

Luckily, Thanksgiving is on the way... so it works.

I have some other BIG news...
Which might require (little ol' me) to get gussied up too...

Fox19 Now, our local Fox affiliate here in Cincinnati
has scheduled me for

First Friday's on Fox with the Blue Ribbon Kitchen Blogger!!  

How much fun is that??  

The first Friday of each month... I will be there!
Doing live recipe segments!

It just so happens... tomorrow, I have a Fox 19 visit too... 
In case you are free at 10:45 am...
 Yes, it's 100% the second Friday of November... I know, I know... 
We had to bump it for a scheduling thing-y...

Going forward the first Friday of every month
I will be baking something, crafting something... 
or doing something fun on Fox19 Now, WXIX 
at 9:45 am and again at 10:45 am!!  

If you are not worries.
 I will post the recipe segments to the Blue Ribbon Kitchen FB page.
It's quick...a three minute segment...
the news anchors are so much fun
 and so enthusiastic... We always have a good time!!

I can tell you that on Friday, December 2... On Fox19
I will be sharing this super amazing homemade
 "Home for the Holidays" ornament... 
followed by this super-cute Santa Claus-mopolitian drink
 that you should absolutely make for ALL of your holiday party guests!!  

Both of these fun holiday ideas...the ornament 
and the drink are already on the blog and 
you can visit them here:

Santa Claus-Mopolitan Drink

See what I mean??
... I will definitely need to get gussied up
if I'm going to be on live TV the first Friday of every month!!  
And then... the whole house... 
This whole dressed to the nines- fancied up holiday clad house
 will be featured on a 
 Facebook LIVE Hometalk holiday house tour... with a live demo...


The home tour and live demo of the "Home for the Holidays"
 ornament (again) will be on Facebook, 
Tuesday, December 13th at 1 pm EST! 

I will be spending forty minutes with visitors, checking out all of the 
Christmas decor in our home and
 I will walk you through each step of making
 one of the ornaments!!
Those "Home for the Holidays"
ornaments make amazing teacher and hostess gifts!!
You can even substitute a photo of a school
 or a church or other significant landmark... it's so
sweet and sentimental...a perfect holiday gift!!
--and it's homemade--from the heart!!

 Talk about hauling out the holly...  eek!!  
I'm truly so excited...
nervous...yes  -- a little... but mostly excited!

I'm just running the enormous 
list of to-do's through my head
as I type this:

Holly on my front door...check...
Christmas cheer...check
Sugarplum faries dancing ...check
Santa tree...check...
Stay's a doozie!!
For the fall-inspired chandelier:
I used a selection of ribbons
 and two fall candle rings 
made of faux autumn leaves.
  I snipped the wire on the candle rings to open them up and
 placed them around the chandelier.  I used contrasting ribbons to 
drape and loop through the chandelier.
The materials shown were purchased from: Hobby Lobby
This chandelier is from Ballard Designs, I custom painted it 
for our dining room.
I have some work to do... 
because as you can see from my Thanksgiving swag...
this house is only slightly prepared
 for November holidays... 
So, I better get a move on.

About tomorrow...on the (second) Friday Fox visit:
I will be sharing award-winning pumpkin cake.  
It's an incredibly EASY, make-ahead cake, 
that is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu. 
 If you have any free fridge space 
you can whip up this cake on Tuesday
 before turkey day and have your dessert ready to go... 
I love a good make-ahead dessert...or casserole...'s a winner... two-time best of show's that good.

The best part... the cute garnishes...
We'll be spending time on those tomorrow during the Fox19 segment. 
 I try to think about the least messy projects while doing live segments... 
in the back of my mind -- I'm repeating the mantra:
"Please don't get that on your suit, please, oh, please stay neat and clean"  
Watch tomorrow and see you can can tell how
I try to protect to anchors from recipe splatters...    

I'm off to get started on one of my many to-do lists...
I'll be making a list and checking it twice...probably three or four times...
 and of course, I will work on getting gussied up too!!


  1. Karri,
    What exciting news! I will be sure to set my dvr for the first Fridays. And to think I knew you when... Congratulations! Pat L

    1. Thank you Pat!! I'll be looking at you this Friday!! I will imagine you smiling back at me!! :) Xo Karri