Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Transitioning to Autumn and The Winners!

Not everyone has a "transition" wreath...I get that...

I do.  

I have a front-door wreath I refer to
 as my "transition wreath".

My sunflower "transition" wreath has been 
up for a few weeks now. 

It's the wreath I like to use when it's way too early 
for full blown orange and black pumpkins...and a 
wee-bit too late in the season for daises...

You know,
 that awkward in-between time...
 Mornings when you wear a sweater and 
really enjoy a hot coffee
 and by lunchtime you are thinking,
 "Is the pool still open??"

It is after all the season of transition, right?? 

 This wreath has plenty of sunflowers 
that feel like fall, 
and yes, there may be a few small pumpkins 
 peeking out... but overall, it feels like a
 good fit for this time of year.

 a transition wreath... 
...how perfect.

A new school-year is upon us, making new friends
 and learning new schedules...
New cooler weather (hopefully)... 
New opportunities...
Change is hard sometimes, 
but it can also be very good...
and necessary. 

How else could we ever get to the pumpkins
 and fun-sized candy bars of October??

Speaking of rushing the season... 
or transitioning...
I was recently at two of my very
 favorite haunts... (see what I did there?)

The thrift store... and the Target One Spot.
 Good stuff to be found at both of these amazing places.

I spied super-cute Halloween decor last night... 
I mean reallly cute.
I promised my husband that
I needed to run inside
 Target for
 just one thing...

One. Thing.

and quickly...

 (quickly...as in, I might have said "be right back")
...and a whole fifteen minutes later... 

I had this.

and maybe a little of this...
Really cute stuff, like orange and black pom-pom
 garland for our mantel... 
which we will absolutely need as soon as
 we are done transitioning and all...

and ghost garland...
because...the season of ghosts and goblins
 is just about to begin...right??

When is it "too soon" to decorate for Halloween?? 
 Just wondering...

So, my advice is do not walk, but run to
 Target and check out their new 
line of fun autumn-seasonal decor...very cute. 
 I loved it all.

Then, just like that, I bought mums for the porch...

It IS fall according to my porch, 
however we are still very much transitioning
 according to my thermometer.

While at my other favorite haunt today, 
I picked up this darling vintage 
(1981) recipe book. 
I know, vintage??
How could 1981 be vintage??

But my friends, 

It is. 

I checked.

Anything 20 years or older is 
indeed considered vintage.

 I really loved the shiny, silver
 Philadelphia Cream Cheese package logo 
on the front cover... 

Like a moth to the flame... 
or a recipe lover to a snazzy "vintage" cookbook cover... 
whatever the case may be...

I was intrigued by the food-artistry... lots of molds...
 interesting display choices...

I would have never thought about 
serving up deviled eggs with tacos...who knew?!!
I am seriously not that creative...

What in the world were the food stylists thinking in 1981...?
Was there such a profession as a food stylist
in 1981??

 I do wonder if, in thirty-five more years
Will we feel the same about 
the recipes of 2016??  

Will we wonder why 
every other dessert was branded a 

 We probably will...

And some food blogger, 
out in the middle of the Midwest,
will probably make fun of my 
food styling...
and I will deserve it.

Thirty-five short years from now,
 our carefully pinned, Pinterest recipes 
will all be vintage too...

Fast-forward 30-something years into the future:
 I predict a new trend... smell-a-vision 
or Internet taste-testing... 

 I could very well be right... 

I hope we transition slowly...
into the brave new world of

 I'll need some time to adjust... 
Just like sweaters in the morning and shorts by noon... 
or sunflower wreaths that
bridge the gap between summer and fall...

Take it easy friends... and enjoy this easy, slow slide into the 
rush of what will soon become the holiday season... 
(I often say October is by far the busiest month of all...
there's barely the time to do all the apple-picking, 
cider-drinking, marshmallow-roasting, 
hay-wagon riding and football cheering that was intended
for that golden month.)

 We might all look back soon enough and wish we still had
 that old sunflower "transition" wreath hanging on the front door.
Where does the time go?

I'm off to make one of these vintage recipes...
I'll let you know how it goes.


Congratulations to the
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Lori Leigh
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  1. I was just taking my time reading your post and enjoying al, the beautiful fall things you had to share and then got to the bottom and saw my name as a winner of the Country Living Tickets! Thank you so much. My daughter and I went for the first time last year and are looking forward to going again. I'm really excited. Thanks for making my day!

  2. Thank you Karri for the tickets! I e-mailed you my address and I anxiously await them!

    1. You are very welcome!! I just put the stamps on them!! You should have them very soon! Have a wonderful time at the fair!!! :)